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Little Bean Was Born

Baby Bean

Two almost three years ago Little Bean was born. Little Bean was so tiny but yet filled a big hole in our hearts. We’ve been blessed to have close friends to share their child with us. Many years ago I babysat Little Bean’s mother and her siblings. Little Bean’s mother has shared with me many times how she looked at me as a mother figure. But, I’m not sure if Little Bean’s mother knew how much I looked at has my own. Little Bean’s mother was here a lot. She would stay the night, go to school from here, she was punished just like one of our own. Little Bean’s mother’s father was a single dad raising three children by himself. Two boys and then Little Bean’s mother. Little Bean’s mother and her siblings, graduated from school and all are doing great in life.

Rebecca and her Daddy

As life changes our stories do too, Little Bean’s mother went on to farther her education. Which a move had to take place, this move would help Little Bean’s mother grow as an adult, and learn to live on her own. As some of know, we never know when God has the plan for a little human to be created. And just that it did, Little Bean was created. With the creation of Little Bean, this meant another change would need to happen. Little Bean’s mother continued to work and take care of herself, and be the mother she always wanted to be. One who is strong, smart, beautiful, caring and continues to grow in so many ways. But yet, knew life would be hard, but she had a strong father who raised her. A father who had shown her times were hard, but you have to believe in yourself, push through those hard times, and never let someone tell you can’t do something.

Uncle Jon with Little Bean

It was time for Little Bean to meet the world outside her world that was in her mother’s belly. She had many names before she was born. Picking a name would be tricky. Her mother wanted her to named after her Great Grandmother Ann. She not only had names before she was born but lots of nicknames after she was born. Coda, Cocoa Bean, Bean, D, Baby D, for us it’s been stuck on Little Bean. It was Little Bean who brought her mother and me back together. We picked up like we never left one another. My family has been blessed to be a big part of Little Bean and her mother’s life, even more so now. The miracle has brought us light at the end of a dark tunnel. She loves her Uncle Jon and worships the ground he walks on. Her Aunt Rae, she can’t let her out of her sight, nor can she let Aunt Rae not hold when its 100 degrees outside. For me, she is my bundle of joy, my savor, my grandbaby, my light for those dark days. The hope that someday we will be able to be a part of our granddaughter’s lives.

Can you find the Easter Eggs she hid for Uncle Jon?

Faith is a big part of this. We had to believe that God would be by our sides guiding us in the right path, to lean on him when we could stand on our own feet, to cry when we had too, to even been scared to death, to teach us that fear is part of growth. Sure there had been many times that we wanted to give up, but we pushed through. We had family praying for us, and friends who would counsel us, and then we had each other, the three of us. My Husband, Daughter and I, have grown so much from this miracle. There is hope, never stop believing.

Little Bean with painte nails

For Little Bean, she is now almost three years old. She and I get to spend one to three day’s a week together. She’s grown so much since she was six weeks old when I began babysitting her. We’ve been able to be part of her firsts, roll over, sit up, eat solid food, take her to the zoo, county fairs, our family celebrations, her birthdays, her Christmas’ and the list goes on. Today was a milestone for Little Bean! She finally read and understood two books today. “Count and & Color with the Little Monsters” by Lynne Mitchell and designed by Deena Fleming and Heather Dakota. The other book “From Head to Toe” by Eric Carle. I wish I could share the video from today, but I don’t have the WordPress membership for that.

Count&Color with the Little Monsters
Eric Carle From Head to Toe

So what’s Little Bean’s real name? Her name is Dakota Ann (No last name will be shared). She keeps us on our toes. She’s always smiling, laughing, loves to learn, do crafts, help make muffins, brush her teeth, and tell you how much she loves her mommy’s potty.

Never Know what you’ll find
Our Trip to Newport Aquarium location Newport Kentucky.
Trip to the Cincinnati Zoo, location Cincinnati, Ohio

This is our LITTLE BEAN

Books: NOTE: I could not find the actual book that I have of Count & Color with the Little Monsters. I shared where you may be able to buy one like it.

Count&Color with the Little Monsters by Lynne Mitchell and Designed by Denna Fleming and Heather Dakota:–color-with-the-little-monsters_lynne-mitchell/3191074/#isbn=054514552X&idiq=17917607

From Head to Toe by Eric Carle:

Newport Aquarium, Newport Kentucky:

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, Cincinnati, Ohio:

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Comparing Prices Kroger’s and Sam’s

I’ve been wanting to compare prices at different stores. I did my reseach for Kroger’s and Sam’s. They each have good offers. These prices are based on my local Kroger’s zip code 45030 Harrison, Ohio and Sam’s zip code 45347 Cincinnati, Ohio. If there is store brand it will listed after store name. Here is what I learn:

Krogers price for Paper Towels
Kroger’s brand 10 rolls for $9.99
Sam’s price for Paper Towels
Sam’s Brand 15 rolls for $18.48

Northern Toilet Tissue (what we use)
Kroger’s 12 rolls for $12.99
Sam’s 32 rolls for $20.98

Facial Tissue
Kroger’s Brand 640 counts for $4.79
Sam’s Brand 980 counts for $11.98

Huggies Wipes (what we use)
Kroger’s 704 counts for $15.49
Sam’s 1040 count for $22.98

Dryer Sheets
Bounce is what we use
Kroger’s 200 counts for $8.99
Sam’s 320 for a $9.98

Laundry Soap
All – is what we use
Kroger’s 162 oz for $15.99
Sam’s 255 oz for $15.82

Dish Soap
We use Dawn
Kroger’s 75 oz for a $9.79
Sam’s 1 gallon for $12.98 or 90 oz for $8.98

Pledge is what I use, but I will share the price of Krogers brand
Kroger’s Brand 9.7 oz for $2.79
Kroger’s Pledge 9.7 oz for $5.39
Sam’s doesn’t have their brand
Sam’s Pledge 3 pack of 14. 2oz making it be 42.6 oz total each for $11.44

Coffee Filters
Kroger’s Brand is what we use
Kroger’s 200 counts $1.79 or if I buy 4 of the 200 counts making it 800 count that is $7.16
Sam’s Brand 700 count $2.98

We use Colegate Optic White
Kroger’s 2 count pack 3.5 oz each for $7.49
Sam’s 5 pack 4.6 oz each for $13.98

Trash Bags
Kroger’s Brand 120 count $9.99
Sam’s Brand 200 counts $14.98

Sandwich Bags
Kroger’s Brand 180 counts for $5.59 Kroger’s ZipLoc 280 count for $10.89
Sam’s doesn’t have a brand on the website so
Ziplock 580 count for $11.58

Gallon Freezer Bags
Kroger’s Brand 28 counts for $3.39 Kroger’s Ziploc 28 count for $5.99 If I were to buy 6 box of 28 count making it 168 count would be $20.34
Sam’s doesn’t have a brand on the website so
Ziplock 152 count for $14.98

Eye Glass Wipes I was unable to find Eye Glass Wipes on Kroger’s website.
Sam’s 225ct was $8.86. We’ve used this brand before and love it. The wipe stays wet longer we believe.

Bottled Water
Kroger’s Brand 32 pack of 16.9 oz for $3.34
Sam’s Brand 45 pack of 16.9 for $3.44

I haven’t don’t compared prices for Coffee, or the drop-ins, nor the candy, or breakfast bars, etc.

I understand Sam’s has a membership cost of $60 you are able to have two people on the membership but both people must live in the same household. Also at Sam’s they check for ID when coming in and checking out. I also understand Sam’s sells by bulk sizes.

Kroger’s has gas points. 10 cents for every $100 spent. They do exprie. Kroger’s has store coupons and digital coupons. Kroger’s also has weekly sales, and 3 or 4 days sales. I’m not sure if Sam’s offer this kind of sales.
Kroger’s and Sam’s both sell clothing, toys, books, and other items. This is based on my local Kroger’s and Sam’s.

I feel both Kroger’s and Sam’s both have good deals. This just depends on what you are buying and what you think is a good buy. Buying bulk you need to make sure you are able to use all of the item before it expires.

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Feeling Bullied?

I’ve dealt with bullying during school, throughout the neighborhood I grew up in, with family members, and friends along with strangers also. I understand there is a pecking order in all groups of friends. You are either, next to number one or next to last. I’ve been in a Pecking Order group. I have also received nasty notes from friends telling me I was no longer included or telling me that I had lied about something. When I would confront the so-called friend, it became a fight either words thrown or fist fighting. This was back in the early eighties. Why were fists thrown? The Pecking Order leader convinced those of us lower on the Pecking Order list this was the way to solve the problem. Now, this was back in the eighties also. After the first two fights, I finally gave up on the group of friends and found myself alone. Why? Well, the Pecking Order group had told lies about me, making it hard for me to make friends and trust people. To this day I have very very few friends or if any. Since those days I ahve always set myself away from drame, nagging, blaming and Pecking Order.

Being bullied while in school, in the neighborhood I grew up in makes it hard to make friends, friends I can trust. I’d love to have friends that I could have those good hard laughs with, friends I could cry and vent to, too. For me, I like to hang out by myself or stay home. Staying at home can become very depressing and dark. I try to find a good book or hobbies to do from home. I love doing genealogy, which I concerned that meeting tons of new people, which I have found my way into a good group of genealogy people. We help one another we have even laughed at each other for silly mistakes. I need to correct myself about having friends. I do have friends they are either far or near. We enjoy each other’s company. I believe the farthest I have friends through genealogy are living California.

The truth about bullying, it doesn’t stop when you are an adult. It can be even worse. Adult Pecking Order yes I’ve been in that group also. More so in a working field. There has to be the Pecking Boss, then down to the lowest in the order. I’ve had to stand up for myself, and end some friendships, and realize that I wasn’t the problem. It was those who felt like they were being left out. I do believe, that friendships can heal and come back together, but not under a Pecking Order. If I want to be Pecked on, I can do that myself. I’m pretty darn good at pecking at all the flaws I have. I’m not trying to sound like I’m perfect, because I’m not. I’ve said things, and turn around and kick myself because I could have used other words. I believe we all have been in this boat.

If you’re feeling Bullied get help, reach out to someone to help you get the help you need. Please don’t wait until you are Pecked to Pieces. Or you are too afraid to ask for help. Find that person you trust, the one you can cry to, vent to, and let them help you. You MATTER, you may not know me, But YOU MATTER. I had been told one time, What Matters is who you Matter too. I have to remind myself of this all the time.

Here are some outlets:

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Working On Spending Discipline

Every year I tell myself I’m going to work on paying bills off and start to save. Every year comes and goes so fast that I have zero in savings and have done no discipline on spending. Saving money can be hard when you don’t work and aren’t to be working due to medical reasons. Depending on others can become very hard, tiring and stressful. I begin to beat myself because I have spent money on something that I didn’t need. Somethings I will buy something I feel our home needs. When you put on a tight budget and trying to make that go as far as you can is rough. Especially those times come when you weren’t excepting them.

When I get in these moods, I begin to point out what I did do rather than what I should have done. I drain my brain from any energy that I might have to figure out what can I do to save money. My first thought is to get a job. But where, and how long will that last before I’m sick again and in relapse. I begin finding items to sell. But in real life, they never sell, they end up going to Goodwill or donating them. I couldn’t sell something free, that’s how bad of a salesperson I am.

I’ve tried everything out there. Reading budget books, how to save, how to sell, how to pinch pennies, how to use cash rather than check or debit cards, and credit cards. I’ve used the envelope system, and that doesn’t seem to work either. The truth of it all is that I had never taught how to budget. My mother never taught me that. And well my father hasn’t been in my life. My mother worked and went to school, to pay our bills. So we could have a roof over our heads, and food in our bellies. But I never knew what it was like to pay bills. When I began working and spending my own money, it went fast not keeping track of what I spent it on. That led to living paycheck to paycheck. At some point, I need to grow up. And get my act together. I’m not getting any younger and for my savings, it’s not getting any bigger either.

Are you wondering what my shopping might look like? I love sales racks, clearance racks, buy one get one, buy five save five dollars so bargains. I can thumb through a sales rack and find nothing. But within minutes I’m back thumbing through that same sales rack to find something for the bargain. The item will make it through checkout, to the car, to the washing machine, to the hanger, and to the closet. That item of clothing could hang in the closet for a very long time. Once I get sick of seeing it, I’ll try to sell it and then give up and get rid of it. That’s my habit, buy things that either I want or think our home needs. Then sometimes they don’t even get used. I call this depression spending. Buying items to fill those empty holes, to fill with happy thoughts. Which will turn to mad thoughts, because I bought it and really didn’t need it?

SO I’ve decided I would try something new. My daughter sent me this: “How Bullet Journaling Helped Me Conquer My Mindless Spending Habit”.
I put it to the test today. I had a doctors appointment on my favorite side of town. All the stores I love to spend time shopping. I started at one of my favorite little stores, walked in and didn’t get a cart or hand basket. Went in with nothing in mind to buy. First stop shoes, Oh I found a very cute pair of summer shoes, the price looked good. They stayed on the rack. Moving to home goods didn’t find a thing in that department. Great! Next clothing, what caught my eye CLEARANCE SIGNS. I looked through the clothing, find a few shirts I thought would be great for Easter the price five dollars each. This was a bit hard to leave them on the sale rack, but that’s where they stayed. I continued to walk about the clothing department, finding myself going back to the shirts for Easter. At this point, I knew I had to walk out of the store. I did just that, getting in my car I told myself GREAT JOB. I continued this with each store. Surprising myself with empty arms when I arrived home.

I sat down with my planner and began putting bullets in my journal part, and writing the feelings, and wants for the items and if I came home with me. My reasoning for buying somethind today? I had seen my physiatrist today, which I see him every three months. Nothing new to talk about, no change in medicines, come back in three months and I’m on my way and I paid my co-payment with cash. I left home at one thrity pm and my appointment was at two fifteen pm arriving early. I was back home by four o’clock pm. That’s early I’m normally gone the entire day. I forgot to add that I like to eat out on these days. I ate before I left, I brought my favorite cup filled with water with me. I didn’t eat out, but by the time I got home was too hungry and shaking. I’ll have to figure something else out. I’ve tried energy bars, which I don’t like. If you have any idea’s please let me know. Thanks.

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Is it Stress or Is it Depression? That’s the Question.

How can you tell the difference between Stress and Depression? Stress for me can be anywhere from physically to toxic related. I have many things that cause me stress. Here are a few triggers for me.
When I’m dealing with financial stress panic sets in, worrying and what can I do.
When I’m dealing with physical stress, my body will begin to become weak and worn out.
When I’m dealing with seasonal stress, I’ll be very restless, tired and drained.
When I’m dealing with emotional stress, I’ll start to believe all the negative thoughts, out of controlling crying, becoming mad and angry.
When dealing with drama stress, I’ll withdraw from those people or situations.
When dealing with toxic stress, my body will begin to shake, tighten, burn and I become angry. I will pick apart the situation making myself even madder. If I let this stress get out of control, I become toxic to myself.

I have many things that cause depression. Here are a few triggers for me.
When I’m dealing with relationship depression, I begin to hide, shut down, withdraw, but yet fight to figure it out.
When I’m dealing with emotional depression, I become a teary mess, crying when others aren’t around.
When I’m dealing with mental depression, I can find everything little thing wrong with me, it can eat me alive I begin to drown in the lies.
When I’m dealing with behavior depression, my whole being changes, I can put on the many “outfits” of depression, covering up those behaviors.
When I’m dealing with physical depression, I can pick myself apart pointing out all the ugly parts of my body and mind.
When I’m dealing with drama depression, I can become hateful, mean, defenceful, angry, and ready to tell you what I think and how I feel.
When I’m dealing with toxic depression, I can’t seem to find my way out. I fall deeper and deeper into the trap of depression and the mess it has caused in my life, I become toxic to myself.
Where am I today you may ask? I’m stuck in the rut of stressed and depressed. I’m racking my brain to get out of this rut, but it seems to be harder on some days than others. When I think I have it figured out, I’m right back to where I was. I have withdrawn from some and leaned towards others. I’m learning who wants to be around me and not cause drama. I will continue to learn as I go. I will learn how to weed out what causes my stress and what causes my depression. It will take time, and sometimes, I don’t allow myself that time. I have to learn to believe I can do it and have trust in myself.

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Helping With Genealogy Then Get The BOOT!

I had been contacted by a member of site. A gentleman we’ll name “Paul”. Paul had asked if I could take a look at his family tree, and see if there were any mistakes before his posted it public. Public as in so others can see it. He didn’t want to do this if the information was wrong, understandable. Being a genealogy freak of course I took on the request. I sent back some of the questions I always ask. 

  1. What are they looking for? Ex: dates, facts, names, burial etc.
  2. Birth, Death or Marriage certificates?
  3. Spelling of names

“Paul” sent back answers to the questions. I seen a name I knew. Why, it was in my family tree also. I had to get my notes on my tree to compare information and to give correct information. I took a short break to grab something to eat, and settle down to take an all nighter to do some digging. I wanted to for fill this “Paul” request for help with his family tree. Plus, I wanted to know if in fact we were related. 

I did find a few mistakes in “Paul’s” family tree nothing big. Married names as maiden names, a few dates, multiples of the same person and married couples but not the spouses first name. Nothing to big to figure out and fix. 

As “Paul” and I continued to sent messages back and forth, with more answers and more questions. And him wanting me to help fix his tree, I asked if he felt like changing his settings on his family tree so that I would able go in and make those changes. “Paul” didn’t think twice about it. Once I got the invite I went to town, fixing little mistakes and adding information I knew was correct from my tree. “Paul” staying contact with me, and I did him. The questions started to shorten as the answers were being given. 

I had shared with “Paul” we were related and how. As I had explained to “Paul” how we were related through a family member of his and my family member mine, he was surprised and glad to find a family member as I was too. I added the information I had in my family tree to “Paul’s” family tree which would show him how we were related, nothing close. “Paul’s” tree began to grow like a wild flowers. I had filled in blanks, that were empty. I worked on his family tree for about a week, thinking we would work on the connection we had in our families together. BUT..

There’s always a But.. to my surprise today, “Paul” has removed me from his tree, and is not accepting messages on ancestry any longer. This was all after he had sent me messages throughout the day today. I didn’t learn this until I sat down to add an obituary to “Paul’s” family tree. Wow what a way to end that. 

I’m not sure if “Paul” was upset of the obituary I had found, with a spouse’s married name which he had but not the wive’s husband first name. I had shared with him that I’ve had this happened in my family tree. I found an ancestor buried with the first spouse’s last name and not the spouse’s name they had at death. “Paul,” sent back a message with “Wow” and a little more details and that he had a lot of work to do. I sent back message letting him know if he needed help to let me know. But I didn’t think it would mean I could no longer contact “Paul” when I found more information. 

I understand it’s up the each genealogist take on who can help and can’t help, but it would have been nice to know after helping him, that my work would be ended. But.. There’s that BUT.. I was able to add the information he had on his family tree to mine, but not the photo’s his had. 

I have been tossing around going into business helping others with their family tree’s and research, but it’s moments like these that turn my cheek to the idea. “Paul” had told me how good I was at this, and how helpful I was for him, all the words one likes to hear. Has “Paul’s” action stopped me from helping others? No, I’ll just chalk “Paul” in the book as, limit myself with answers. I know that sounds mean, but I feel if you’re asking someone for help be nice about it and not act like this. These actions turn a lot of genealogist away from helping others. 

End of Rant.

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Powder Room

Today has been a busy day, what about yours? I have a few errands to run, pick up dog food for our six dogs of all sizes and colors. Pick a few things up at the grocery store, and donated some items to Goodwill and some where in there I grabbed a bite to eat. I stopped in at a clothing store going out of business to just look. I was very good I did just that looked. No good deals for me, plus I have just sorting through all my clothes in my dresser and closet. I donated three trash bags of clothing and one bag of shoes, along with one bag of baby stuff.

All the white trash bags have clothing or shoes in them.

I decided not to sort today, needing a break. But I will share my bathroom I declutters last week. Oh my, I’m embarrassed to even post a picture of it. Wow it what a hot mess it was. There really wasn’t a lot of trash or donations, just needed to refold wash rag, hand towels, bath towels, and they sheets and pillow cases. I had my make-up in a small shoe tote, which made for a pain when I needed to get to it. My hair items were in the right drawer but just a mess. I have a few extra curling irons and cords that I had just thrown in a drawer and forgot about them.

Embarrassing but wait until you see the after picture

Our home is a manufactured home, which we bought the spring of 1995 and put it on one and half acres of farm land that we had bought from my husband’s grandfather. The land our home sets on was once where cows roamed. Matter of fact, when I moved from Cincinnati, Ohio in 1985, to Indiana, I met my husband that same year. He was a hunter, fisherman, outdoor kind of guy. He asked me out on a date with him and his buddies, of course I took him up on it. A city girl in the country what could go wrong right? Well, I didn’t know we were going hunting at night but for what, I had not clue. He took me Raccoon hunting, on the land we now live on. We’ve been here almost twenty-four years.

The manufactured homes are built with as little as possible and not with the best of wood, or hardware. Which we have found that out in the years we’ve been here. Our home is a three bedroom, two full baths, living room, eat in kitchen, laundry room, and a library/play room is what I call it. We also have a breezeway, of course filled with stuff, and two car garage but that is full too. I do plan to share room for room with my followers. But lets get back to my bathroom Well, it’s just my bathroom, my husband’s also.

Here is another view of my bathroom.

As you can see, I have towels on the floor to step on when getting out of the shower. We plan to pull up the carpet and put different flooring down. The hose is for giving our hundred pound dog a bath. The curling iron was used one time and put back into the box, I had planned on returning it and well you can see where it is. The stand was one of those cute basket organizers that go over the toilet. I didn’t care for it after I put it together. There is a magazine rack under the towel. That and the basket organizer went to Goodwill. The curtain rod, once hung over the long mirrors with a curtain on it. I’m not sure what I want to do with those mirrors. Of course I washed all the dirty towels and clothes. Putting the towels where they go.

Sink area before

This the sink area, it small but not as small as the other bathroom in the house, so it works. I wanted to do something thing different with my hair products, and lotions. So I thought I’d pick this up from the Goodwill. Well, I don’t like it at all, it takes up way too much room, and it makes me have anxiety attacks. However I did keep the stand, and the bird toothbrush holder. I didn’t part with any hair products or lotions. The dog collar went to the laundry room where the rest of the pet supplies are. The Q-Tips have been put away where they belong. The tote under the Q-Tips once held all my make-up.

The sink area after

I had bought these cute gold and white baskets about a year ago. I didn’t know what I was going to use them for, but I needed them. Well, this is what I used them for. I put all my hair products in the larger basket, the smaller one I put deodorants, lotions, and the small mirror. The bird still holds our toothbrush and toothpaste. I bought that at a thirft store a year ago also. As you can see I haven’t painted the cabinets in my bathroom like I have my kitchen. My kitchen cabinets are a light gray color.

This is my kitchen cabinet
Before under the sink

We don’t really use the place under the sink wisely. The wire racks I bought at a Goodwill maybe 4 years ago. The white three drawer container I had on my desk when I worked at the school. I sorted through each drawer in the white container, throwing away, crapstick, hand lotions, and dental floss. The wire rack, I took completely out of the area and donated hair dye, bath soap, shampoo, and toothpaste we know longer used.

After under the sink

I combined the bath balls and personal items together in one of the wire racks. The white three drawer now has, extra razors, extra toothbrushes, and extra toothpaste. I used a small container to hold the extra make-up brushes. ST37, my mother in law swears by. It helps heals mouth sores, sores on your nose, if you can find buy it.

Drawer #1 before

This of course is the top drawer of the vanity. The catch it all drawer. It was to only have hair items in it. As I sorted through this drawer, I was able to donate hair ties, bobby pins, and dental floss that had never been opened.

Drawer #1 after

Marie Kondo suggest that you use items you have already. I have baby wipe containers all the time that are empty. What better way to use them, that this. I put all the combs, hair bands, and bobby pins I had kept in the empty wipe container, pulling off the lid. The green organizer I had from when I worked at the school. It works great for hair clips, and plastic tooth picks. The cords go with our toothbrushes and my husbands shaver.

Drawer #2 before

This drawer I was able to donate the shaver along with its attachments, purple soap holders, and the make-up pads. Now remember we don’t have a lot of storage in our home. Ready for the after?

Drawer #2 after

I was able to remove all my make-up from the tote to this drawer. Where did I get the wooden trays? I bought those from a thrift store which used to go to a game of some sort. I had planned on using them as a craft, but I’m in love with using them this way. I did throw away any make-up I hadn’t used or, no longer liked, it wasn’t much.

Drawer #3 done

This drawer I put the extra curling irons and plugs in. The green basket I had for years. So glad that it fits just right in this drawer.

Back of toilet

The back of this toilet once held the make-up tote and Q-tips. It now holds this wire basket I bought at Dollar General on markdown last year. I put my hair dryer and hair straightener in it. This why I won’t have to worry about either of them falling into the sink or on the floor.

Wash rags and hand towels cabinet before

Bath towels cabinet before
Sheets and Extra pillow case cabinet before

These are pictures of the my linen closet/cabinet. As you can see the cabinet area is not very big and not wide at all. What did I do? I refolded all the linens. Placing the wash rags, hand towels and toilet paper in the top cabinet. The second cabinet down is where the bath towels go. I decided I would try the Marie Kondo method of folding towels. To my surprise I was able to get a bit more room. The third cabinet down has always held our bed sheets and extra pillow cases. This cabinet space is too small for sheets but I have no other place to store them. I sorted through the cabinet, because I had sheets that weren’t a set. Those I donated to Goodwill and some I kept for our dogs when it’s muddy out. Here is the after…

Wash rags, hand towels and toilet paper after
Bath towels after.
Sheets and extra pillow cases after

What do you think so far??

My Garden Tub

This is my garden tub. But we also use it to give our smaller dogs baths in. Yes that pie rack I had on my sink counter top. I never knew what to do with that seat, so I put it here and placed…..

Garden tub with rack

I decided I’d put me a candle on this rack along with my soap, shampoo, and shaving cream and razer. What do you think?

Ready for a the final picture? It took me three hours to clean this bathroom, that I’m now in love with and I can’t wait to paint and redecorate. I’m looking for any idea’s on how to decorate it or a theme.

Finally Finished

As you can seen the carpet is old and have bleach stains on it. That will be pulled up and new flooring will be put down. I plan to paint the cabinets, and the walls. The cabinets will get new hardward, and a new toilet. The garden tub is a yellowy color I’m thinking becasue of the sun light above it. Can you believe it?

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What’s behind those doors???

What’s behind this cabinet doors??

One set of cabinet doors in my small kitchen. Bet you’re wondering what’s behind those closed doors. Well don’t be afraid nothing will jump out at you. Not saying that nothing will fall out on you though either. The cabinet hold all the spices, cake mixes, brownie mixes, cook decoration candies, chocolate chips, coffee drop ins, and oils. I try to clean this cabinet out really good once a year and then every six to 7 months. But this year got behind me and I had items in there that well, expired last year. Seeing everything that had expired made me be aware of items I waste. Those great sales at the grocery stores. The buy five save five dollars, buy six save three dollars, buy one get one free. Well, my wallet lost everything that I was to save on. Those extra items just went to waste and had to be thrown away. The trash company is going to thing I’m nuts seeing all those yummy but now stale cake mixes in the trash.

Cabinet before clearing everything out of it.

Yes, this is that cabinet. Scary yes? For years I’ve tried to organizing this cabinet and never have been satisfied with it. When I added the little green basket I was in love, but sooner than I had thought I  began hating the cabinet again. I just began piling things onto of one, pushing other items to the side. Cooking became boring and just another chore for me. I knew there were items in there from years ago, but who wanted to deal with sorting and tossing things away? I wasn’t up for it until today. I was ready to tackle this one. 


Can you believe it, it’s completely empty. I vacuumed and wiped down the shelves and walls of the cabinet. The shelves had some stains on them, from oil that had dripped. The bay leaves that I place in the cabinet to help keep those little bugs from getting into the floor were now just steams. The smell of cabinet was still there, that stale small. Which by they way who else puts bay leaves in their Cabinets? 

This way or…..

Here is one way I thought I’d organize it, but I have another way too. Here is what I used. Wrapping paper that I thought was cute, tape, scissors, and some small boxes from the grocery store. I wrapped only the bottom and four sides of the box. Then I placed them in the cabinet many of different ways, and came up with this way. I began organizing items in the way that I use them. What I used most I kept to the floor others I moved to the back. I had all the cookie decorating candies pushed to the back. Which I use those when I’m baby-sit. 

Or this way?

What I did differen with the top shelf. I pulled the cookie decorating candies to the front. This would make for them to be easily reached. I use this items when I baby-sit, either cooking cookies or using them for crafts. I removed the green basket and turn the box unside down so I could use the opening to place the chocolate chips in it. The powdered sugar is something that I rarley use, so I placed that in the back of the cabinet. So far I’m in love with my cabinet this way.

Before cleaning and organizing the drawer


I moved to the drawers on the cabinet. The top picture shows the mess and items that didn’t belong together. I put the icing in the cabinet will all the other baking items. Put the straws in a smale box that had already been wrapped in paper. Also placing the storage baggies in this drawer. Which when we first moved here twenty fours ago, this is where all these items were.

Drawer number two before
Drawer number two after

Once again I moved the chocolate chips to the cabinet with all the other baking items. Threw away the breakfast bar that was stale. I placed all the spice packets in one box that had already been wrapped in paper. I placed the broth cube in the middle, dividing the spice packets from the instant oats. Placing the tea bags and lemonade together.

This drawer is right under the other two.

This drawer I keep the binder with all the manuals in it, and extra light bulbs. This drawer has never changed except for the binder. The binder I got from when I worked at the school.

Cabinet door

I haven’t gotten to declutter this cabinet yet, but I wanted to share this idea from Pinterest. Just to the side of this drawer is a counter, which I do one hundred precent of my meal prepping on. This makes it easy for me to when I need one of those items. I plan to add more of these containers through out my kitchen and home.

I hope these pictures has given my followers some idea’s and helpful tip’s.

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Paper, tears, Paper, tears

I use these big three ring binders and page protectors to keep all the manuals together in one spot.

As I’ve shared I’m joining the ban wagon and taking on the Marie Kondo challenge as I call it. Her presences in the home mades it an easy and calm way of sorting. I do understand there are area’s that become tougher and can cause emotion’s to flare up. I myself didn’t think I would get emotional about sorting paper. Its just paper right? OR is it? I didn’t realize how much paper items I have/had. It seemed as if though I were pulling on a roll of toilet paper. The piles kept coming and coming. I had to finally take a break and come to it a few hours later. To the same piles I had left, what was I thinking that they would disappear by themselves. Don’t I wish.

Just one filing cabinet drawer
And another drawer
After sorting through the cards and extra printer paper.

As I began to sort through my filing cabinet. The one that has my genealogy, birthday, Christmas cards, extra printer paper, scrapbook supplies, a few pictures, disks, and tons of thumb drives I happened to stumble upon a few journals and a scrapbook. What laid inside of those three items bring tears to my eyes. Yes, I was getting emotional over paper. Or was it? I had decided that I would pile all those items into one tote, and come back to it after finishing the other drawers on the filing cabinet. I was able to shred tons of genealogy information that is know longer needed with it being on my laptop. Those ugly yearly tax papers, yes they were shredded too. In two separate piles I place our children’s paper’s or small items that had been stored in the filing cabinet. But those piles were being to grow like wild weeds. They ended up in their own tote’s also.

What I either sold or donated.

It was time to kick the scrapbook drawer in the butt. HOLY COW scrapbook supply everywhere, two drawers worth of it. I’m surprised everything didn’t jump out at us when we opened the drawers. Who would thought someone could have so much scrapbooks supply. Well, I mean there are other people who have way more than me so, I guess I don’t have as much as I thought. No I do, lets get to the point, scrapbooking isn’t my thing anymore. I just like the paper. Oh Jeez there’s that word PAPER. Once I got every last piece of paper and sticker out of the drawers and piled onto my kitchen table, I know longer had a table. This project to way more time than I had thought it would. Of course I had to look at each piece of paper. Then the stickers oh man, this job was hard. Once I began reminding myself that I know long do this hobby what was the need for all of this supply. When my mind was set in this mode, it came easy to give the donate or sell pile. Most of it was donated to our neighbor who has small children of their own. What better place to donate these supplies. I did make a few bucks of the items I sold. But wait until you see the drawer now.

What I kept

It was time to get back to the emotional pile. Tissue on hand, chair to sit in before I fell to the floor, and something to drink. As I begin picking up each items the emotion started flowing. For a healing to take place there is an emotional moment I believe.

The white binder

The first emotional item I picked up was the white binder. I knew what was in there, but I also forgot. Did I forget or didn’t I want to face that fact of what those three rings were holding? I felt my heart start to beat faster as I began to open that shinny cover. I didn’t want to look at it, but I know I need face that fact that I had written those words. That I had cried harder than I thought I’d cried. This binder holds, notes from when I had first gotten sick six years ago. I began writing in a spinal notebook, then fell off the path and just stopped writing. I thought what if I move all this to a binder, and that way I can just add more paper as I write. That worked for a little bit, the off the path again. The color purple caught my eye. It was that, that the tears began to roll, burning my eyes, and not wanting to touch the purple paper. This was a letter I had written to my husband and children six years ago. Which I haven’t shared with them. The journaling is all over the place on the purple paper. I was angry, scared, and just wanted to tell my side and my feelings to my son. To this day I don’t feel as though I’ve been able to do that. Will I ever, I don’t know. Will I be prepared for that day, most likely not. Did I shred the writting on the purple paper, no it’s resting in the same place in the binder.

The Purple paper.

The Journal

As I set the white binder to the side, I had to decide what was I going to sort through next, the Black photo book or the journal. As much as I wanted not to look through the journal I had to. I had to see where I began and where I am today. This journal has blogs about my year of taking care of my mother, leading up to the day that all came to a fast stop, to how I was wanting to kill myself, and hating life. I read the first few pages, crying over each word, and replaying the minutes and memories as tear dripped from my face. The more I read the more I felt like I needed to run, to get away. But I also wanted to stand up and scream, and just hit the person/s who damaged the relationship I had with my mother. I had always thought I was the rock some one, that they would never let me turn to sand and stream through their fingers. They were to be my rock, my support, my shoulder to cry on, to be my sheild, to be able to crawl on their back and hear them call me Sis. But I didn’t I didn’t hear that at all. All I heard were car door shutting, and knowing that was it. That our relationship would never be the same again. That we would part our own ways, and live life as we always did. Yes, as we always did. When help was needed I was called on, I was the running, the filler, the one who put her whole self into the relationship. Dropped whatever she was doing to help, to do her part. Would I do it again, as much as I can sit and say I wouldn’t I know I would, why? Because I have been shown real LOVE. And just because we don’t have a relationship I still love them.

The pages in the journal were heavy, heavy to turn, but yet wet from the tears. There were stains on each page that I turned. My writing in this journal also came to an end. I was tired or writting about being angry, and wanting to tell my side, that I finally just stopped writing. But I also, knew it was time for Eva to grow, to be someone that she was, and not what others had told people. To grow and have stronger relationships with people who want to be my Rock, who want to help me when I’m falling and who want to keep me here on earth. Those people are my Husband, Daughter, My Aunt, and My In Laws, and the few friends I have. Thank you to them, that I’m here writing this blog.

The Black photo book/scarp book

This book holds so many memories, memories that I’ll never let go. Inside the pages holds, pictures of my children when they were babies, first born, school pictures, graduation pictures, sports, and family pictures. There is also photos of myself when I worked at the school, a family picture of myself with my siblings and husband. That was the last “family” picture that was taken of myself with my siblings. And I believe the first one since I was maybe 2 years old. It’s hid the in the back of the book. That’s a picture I don’t understand, and I may never understand. We had that picture taken for our Mother’s Christmas gift. Our Mother was so surprised and teary eyed when she seen it. But what brings me to tears is to know that picture we had taken for her sits in the same box we gave it to her in all those years ago on that Christmas day. Yes, I found it while cleaning my mother’s house a few years ago. Wow, what a slap, or better yet, she doesn’t want to see her children, do we bring that much pain? I’d love to ask that question. Does the picture still sit in that box at My Mother’s home as far as I know yes.

That family photo

On a better page on the left is of me while I worked at the school. One of my more for filling and favorite jobs. I had always dreamed of being a teacher, but with a learning disablitity and having issues reading, I never went that route in school. Actually I’ve never been to college. But I’ve been close enough to being a teacher. I was a teachers ad for may years. I know, I know, how in the world did I do that with my learning issues. Well, I was in my own world helping students with the same learning problems I had. We were learning together, by making gamings, flash cards, projects, taking test together, doing homework and classwork together, to studying togehter. I had so much fun with this job. I had grown to be something that I thought I’d never be a teacher. I’m proud to say that students I worked with are now graduated, and some hold jobs and some are going to farther their education. How exciting it that?? Pretty Darn Exciting.

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Just Hanging In There

Just One Pile From My Closet

Weeks ago I decided I’d take the Marie Kondo Challenge as I call it. I’d been wanting to clear out our home of toxic items, that bring me depression, loneliness, angry, rage, but yet still give me happiness, and hope. I had heard about this Marie Kondo from a neighbor. She’d been sorting and clearing items that brought her saddness. I decided I’d watch a few video’s of this “Sorting.” The steps seems easy peasy, smooth sailing, something I thought I wouldn’t have any issues doing. As I get into those moods where I get rid of stuff because I’m tired of moving it from place to place. Or I get overwhelmed with stuff everywhere feeling like I’m drowning. I know then I have to have breathing room and I begin to toss things not even thinking one minute if I want it or not. My mother in law, always asks me to come help her sort, but she doesn’t care for my sorting. It’s a bit much for her style, but it’s a joke between us.

I had thought this wouldn’t take long at all since I knew already what I didn’t need and what was making me feel depressed. But as the sorting began I learnt real fast that it would take longer than I had agreed with myself. I started with going through my clothing. I had looked in my closet everyday sometimes more than one time a day. I knew what clothing I had hanging in there. Clothing that I’d had since I began working at a school back in 2001. Yes, 2001 I still have clothing from then, which didn’t fit anymore hadn’t fit for years. But I loved the colors and the style but guess what I hadn’t wore half of them because they weren’t my Style. The style hanging in my closet was a style that looked great on those people in magaizines. The ones we all fall in love with until we get them home. Clothes hanging on hangers just waiting until I could fit in them again or ever fit in them.

As I began taking each piece of clothing out of my closet and laying them on my bed, I couldn’t believe the heaping pile I carried from a very small closet in my bedroom. The sorting began, taking each item off its home known as the plastic hanger, tossing it into an empty basket to hear it bounce out and hit the floor. Moving the empty donation or trash bag to the bed side, I stood in awe as I looked at the mess I’d made. And just how long would this really take? Hours, on Hours. Once I set my mind to it, I started picking each piece of clothing up looking at, inspecting it, and thinking, do I love it or hate it or why did I even buy that? The clothing I parted with, I was to tell each item thank you and place into the correct bag. As the bags became full faster and faster, I decided to get some empty totes. Which by the way, the only way those totes were going to empty was to empty the stuff out of them. Just to replace those items with new ones. Thankfully the heaping pile of clothing on my bed started to dewindle down to very little. My first thought, Now I can go buy new, or can I and why? That is how my brain works, I get rid of items and want to replace them with new, to fill that emptiness, better known as depression.

It was time to focus on the dresser! All those drawers filled with the same as what hung in the closet. Clothing that was two or three times too small or what was I thinking when I bought that, kind of stuff. Just like the clothing hanging in the closet, the clothing in those drawers had to be taken out and placed into a heaping pile once again covering my bed. Picking you each T-Shirt, each pair of jeans, each pair of PJ bottoms, to each pair of socks, I realized that I hadn’t even put some of the items on after I tried them on in the dressroom in the store. Then it hit me, why not try to sell what I can to at least get something. That’s when another tote had to be empty to be filled with items to sell. I had two totes full of clothings that I took to a second hand store, which I didn’t get much but every penny counts right? What didn’t sell I donated and have been really good about not buying new. Well, I have bought a new pair of jeans and a pair of shorts that FIT. I’ve continued to going through my clothing and donating them to a Pet Shelter that will have a rummage sale in April. All profits will go to the care of the pets in the shelter. As I had shared above that my neighbor was doing the Marie Kondo, she’s been donating items also to the Pet Shelter, she has offered to take the items I’m donating in when she takes her items in. I’ve very thankful I have her. I did slip her some cash for the help.

Folded T-Shirts

Once the drawers were all gone through it was time to fold the items I would be keeping and putting them back into the dresser. I started with my T-Shirts, at first I didn’t care for the Marie Kondo folding method. I’m still getting use to it today. I find myself wanting to fold the T-shirt the way I used to. You can really fit more shirts in a drawer, try it and see what you think. You can always go back to your way of folding T-Shirts.

Socks before sorting and folding or Balling as I do it.
Socks After Sorting and Balling

I knew I had lots of socks, but I didn’t think I had that many until I looked at all the little balls of socks laying on my bed. Once again Marie Kondo has a special way of folding those too. Well, I don’t care for that way so I continue to ball them like I’ve done all my life. But I did organize them into their own little area in the sock drawer. Did I part with any? Yes, before when I’d pull that drawer open it was like letting that fake snake out of the can springing into the air. Yes, that’s what it looked like but only socks. Did I have socks from when I worked at the school? Yes, to that question also, even those that were my favorite with the hole in the toe. Why did I keep those, beats me.

Underneath my sock drawer is my Pj bottoms drawer. That too has bottoms that either didn’t fit or I had too many of the same material. As you can see I keep all season Pj bottoms out. When my heatflashes, I never know when Mother of Hormones is going to act up. So to be on the save side I have heavy to light weight bottoms. Even long or capri style in length. Of course with the stretchy waist band so they will fit, well lets be real, I’ve gained weight. I don’t have those “Girlie” Pj’s, their a waste of material and time.

Exercise pants
Sport Bra’s

Talking about gaining weight lets move onto exercise clothings. Yep, I have piles of that those items too. For Mother’s Day last May I received an Apple Watch. I was so committed to working out, walking 8 miles a day and execising every day and watching what I was eating. Even had my husband on a healthy eating plan he just didn’t know it. The Marie Kondo says to deplay your Bra’s in a pretty arrangement this will make you happy when you see them. That is very pretty but, happy NOT. It reminds me of the weight I’ve gained and out of shape I am. In December I had a wedding I’m in, The Mother Of The Bride. I’ll have to fit into a pretty dress and try to look hot for my husband, haha.

If you’re wanting to sort, part with items you no longer need or want, try the Marie Kondo method. I loved seeing the difference it has made so far in my closet and dresser. I have moved onto another area in our home = Paper. I thought I had clothes, nothing compares to paper. For those that are genealogist, you all know what I’m talking about.