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Coronavirus -VS- Income

The Coronavirus is on the rise. The United States has now seen our store shelves go from fully stocked to nothing but dust. Everyone is hurrying to stockpile, but what is in your Income stockpile? Are you worried? Are you a lucky one that their company hasn’t sent you home for the next month? Are you a lucky one that has been able to work from home and not worry?

Or are you on the other side of the paying table? Are you worried about when your next check will come? What about your savings? Will this Virus hurt that too? Did you have plans for a vacation this summer? Or is that on the back burner now? Or maybe you’ve had to put a big RED line through that vacation.

—– OR—–

What if I told you that you could make forty-five percent profit from working at home. Yes, from home!! You could be home with your babies, that are now out of school for a month. And you just got the notice that your workplace is not closing their doors also. What are you going to do? Are you going to Fight or Flight? That choice is up to you. But you can fight this issue by becoming employed by yourself.

Let me share:
I became an Independent for Paparazzi Accessories and Jewelry in May of 2019. I was looking for some independence for myself, even though I’m married and have two grown adult children no longer living at home. I wanted something that I could say, “I’m more than just a wife or mother.” I began searching for that “Dream Job.” I had stalked Facebook, searched Google so much that I felt like I had read everything a million times. I came across Paparazzi Accessories and Jewelry and knew it was for me. I did my research and research even more. Once I decided that was what I was looking for I joined. I know what does it cost to join??

Let me tell you:

There are three different kits you can start with.

The first kit is $99 plus tax comes with:

The second kit is $299 plus tax comes with:

The third kit is $499 plus tax and it comes with:

Once you join paparazzi you can start selling jewelry. Yes, that’s right you can start selling. How right? With your kit, you receive a free website with no monthly fees. You have resources at your fingertips. Your kit should arrive on your doorstep within 5-10 business days if not sooner. Here’s something even better, Monday through Friday new items are available at 3:00 EST (that’s my time). The only days that there aren’t new are on weekends and holidays. Wait it gets betters, all orders are shipped within 72 business hours!!!! Wait there’s more, you earn 45% profit of all your sales. I didn’t make and error I’m typed that correctly, 45% profit of all your sales. This is included website sales.

How is this so:

We the consultant pay $2.75 per piece of jewelry. We then turn around and sell that piece of jewelry for $5.00. Wait just when you thought it couldn’t be any better. For every 10 items that you place in an order, you as the consultant will earn one free piece of jewelry. Those are called Hostess Rewards, homeoffice pieces those pieces for us. So they are total suprises. With those pieces you can keep for yourself, give them away to friends and family, give away for game prizes or sell them. If you sell them that is 100% your profit.

So if your ready to earn some extra money or just order jewelry for yourself at the $2.75 a piece, I’d love for you to join my team. You will just need to click my link and click the join button.

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