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Painting Brookville Indiana Rock Group.

Painting rocks is a hobby of mine. I had created a group on facebook back in July 2017.

I had heard about this activity on the news sometime during June of 2017. It’s a hobby that helps put smiles on faces, touches peoples hearts, and makes the community pretty. Kinda like paying it forward. Painting Brookville Indiana, rock group. (I will share the facebook group link in the notes at the end.) 
I created this group, when I seen this activity on the news it filled my heart and I needed something to do. This was the time I was caring for my mother full time. This didn’t just get me out but my mother and other people in the community. It keep people hunting and hiding painted rocks. Bring the community together.

What is Painting Brookville Indiana? 

Painting Brookville Indiana, is were the community gather rocks of any size, color or shape. Wash the rocks really good, making sure they are clean and dry before painting. 
Then just let you mind roam, once you come up with an idea begin painting the rock. Once the paint has dried seal it with a water proof sealer. Next put a label on the back or write:
Painting Brookville Indiana, you keep this rock or hide this rock. Please post a picture of the rock you have found to the facebook group page. Once these steps are done, begin hiding them. Walk the park, the town, parking lots, nursing homes, doctor offices, swimming pool area’s you name it you could most likely hide it there. The PLUS to this group: You don’t have to be a pro at painting. This is a great activity to do with the family. I will share some of my pictures of rocks I painted. But wait until you see what Ann Curran Davis  can do to a rocks, to die for.

Moving forward: As I had mentioned, I was caring for my mother full time when I created this group. I found that caring for my mother full time had lasted longer than I had thought. I had met so many kind people through this group, I wanted to pass my roll over to someone who was very active and had the love to do it. When I had contacted Ann about taking over the group, she didn’t thinking long before saying, “Sure I’ll do it.” I knew I had picked the correct person for this roll. 

Jumping Forwarding to 2018-2019

Ann is an artist for sure. She brings life to rocks. She has created different activities to do with the group. Paint Parties, teaching new ways to paint on rocks, sharing different types of paint, and brushes, books, Bingo games, Book with matching rock, the list goes on. She’s worked so hard with this group and hobby that she has earned….

Her story:

Ann Curran Davis 
Admin · October 19, 2018
Last night I posted I had exciting news to post so here it is….
A few weeks ago I applied to become an Ambassador with The Kindness Rocks Project. For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Kindness Rocks Project, it was founded in 2015 by a sweet, lovely woman named Megan Murphy from Cape Cod, MA. It began as a hobby of just one and had grown into an International Grassroots Kindness Initiative of so many. There are thousands of members across the world now. I encourage you all to read how she started the kindness rocks project and how it has caught on….
I am so honored and grateful to have been chosen as an ambassador. I’m very excited for this opportunity as an ambassador for the kindness rocks project. You will now be seeing my some of my post containing #tkrpambassador and #thekindnessrocksproject . I will be a representative in helping spread an unified message about the importance of kindness and compassion.
I cannot wait to see what all new opportunities it made hold for us as a group. We could possibly be hosting a The Kindness Rocks Project event to help spread the message about kindness. I’m hoping that with this new opportunity I can make our rock page so much better!
We need less hate and more kindness in the world we live in….
“One message at just the right moment can change someone’s entire day, outlook and life!” 

Today: Now who else wold had I picked to do better job than this woman? Thank You Ann for everything you have done for this group and the community. You are truly a blessing out State and World!

Ann Curran Davis If you would like to share some pictures of your painted rock’s I’m sure my followers would love to see them. 

Please show Ann some love and share her group. 

Note: If you would like to join her Rock group please click the link below.