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Here One Hour Gone The Next

We never know when our last walk here on the big earth will be.
What about our last good morning?
We never know when our last kiss goodbye will be.
What about the last look in their eyes?
We never know when our last laugh will be.
What about our last yell?
We never know when our last hug will be.
What about our last holding hands?
We never know when our last meal together will be.
What about our last date together?
We never know when our last breath will be.
What about the last breath and you didn’t get to say goodbye.
This happened to my family.

My uncle’s health had been going downhill. These past ten years they have slipped faster. Just last month my uncle and aunt along with my godson moved. I’m the one my uncle calls to come help. He says, “Call Sissy, she knows how to pack and get things done.” Of course, I’m all for it. Helping them move was a job, this time, moving to a smaller place, but taking everything with them.

At the beginning of this month, my uncle was rushed to the hospital. We knew he would be coming home. So I’m off on the fast horse to my aunt’s to help get ready for him to come home. As we sorted through things I felt the emptiness when we got to my uncle’s belongings. Now mind he was coming home. We didn’t get too much done with that sorting. Here we are just a few weeks, my uncle was taken to the hospital by my Godson, their son. This was a trip like all the others, he’ll be home soon. My aunt was work when this took place. They were preparing for him to come home. That he did, he went home, but to Heaven HOME. The last time aunt had seen her husband was the morning before she went to work. With this virus going around she could only talk to him. As his health worsened, she only got to talk to the nurses.

Tonight like any other night my aunt calls to give me the update. The hospital had to make some changes today. We spoke just a bit longer and hung up. Just as I sat my phone down, God told me that My Uncle would be joining our other love ones in Heaven.

I just hung up with my aunt, she seems to be doing good. She’s been preparing herself for this day for so long. Now it’s just her and my Godson. Which by the way he has CP. My Godson is struggling with the last argument he and my uncle had. Which was on the way to the hospital just a little over a week.

Sorry, this is all over the place. But my brain is still in shock that my uncle is gone. He and I had a relationship like no other. He was a Mr. Know it all, (which he was he knew everything the Facts), he had great selling skills. He could sell you an empty box for hundreds of dollars. He would love to get me going, and I’d give it right back. We never left one another angry or mad. His bear hugs will be so missed. I will say I’ll be on that fast horse when my aunt and godson need me.

Now it’s time to plan his funeral. We already know he’ll be bossing us the whole way through it. Mr. Bossy Pants!!

Hey Uncle Steve, tell Grandma hello, even better you and your dad can have a car lot full of cars to sell. Who needs a car??? I have the best sales men.

Side note: He did not have that awful virus that is going around.

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It’s Fine and Dandy

The Love Birds

Fine and Dandy means so much more those two words. The first time I heard “Fine and Dandy,” I just wanted to laugh. It all started in nineteen eighty-five. I met a lady for the first time and fell in love as soon as I set eyes on her. She was just as excited to meet me as I was to meet her. She loved riding dirt bikes, sled riding, fishing, boating, flowers, 4-H, and her number one love was FAMILY. But would have I thought a Grandmother would to do all of those things? I would have told you no, or are you kidding me. She lived a life full of adventures. There is one adventure that sticks in my mind. She had decided she was getting married, she did just that, ran away and married the man of her life. Through all the hards, the good times, side by side the stuck together for sixty-seven years. I hadn’t seen love until I saw the love this couple had for one another. They had a crazy kind of love. Willing to count each bean seed or each corn kernel to know how many plants would be harvest in the fall. For me, this was not “Fine and Dandy.” After losing count after the ten millionth time, I gave up.

This beautiful!!

If you had a question about plants or flowers, she had the answer. If you had doughts about a birds names, she had the answer. She had the concoction to get rid of poison ivy. Maybe you even had a question about what bait to use for fishing yep she had that answer too. She had the number of sugar cubes needed to make your hot tea taste “Fine and Dandy.” She did have her peeves. There would be hair hanging in your face. Why? She couldn’t see your beautiful eyes. OH, if you didn’t have something to pull the hair back, she had something for that too. Which would follow with a now that’s “Fine and Dandy.” There were to be NO hats worn at the table. Why? RUDE! Everything had it’s home. You get it out you put it away.

Just a small part of the family

She loved her community. If there was an activity or club, she was in it. She was a busy mother with three children. A husband who farmed and also was on different boards which kept him busy. She had eight grandchildren, nineteen great-grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren, all that kept her on toes. She also knew the rules for Basketball, so sometime’s she had to say what she knew (Not Fine and Dandy). She was grade cheerleader it didn’t matter if you were family or not you where getting cheered on.

We Graduated. Gramma with Great Granddaughter
Our Wedding Day

I’ll share another little story with you. It took place in June nineteen eighty-seven. The night before my wedding day, the day of my life. I was excited to be part of the family that I had learned to love. A family that had excepted me for who I was and am, a young gal with lots of bangs and buries on her heart. As the rehearsal night was coming to an end, my mother was upset. Not with me, but took it out on me. She took my wedding dress and refused to let me have it for my wedding day (the very next day). My mother in law to be called this fine lady, asking her to get her wedding dress out that I needed it. Her words, “Yes, I do my best. If I can’t, getting married in jeans and a nice blouse (as they called them back then) will be “Fine and Dandy.” The outcome? I was able to get my wedding dress from my mother and the day went on as planned.

The Free-spirited. Grandpa and Gramma with Grandson

This free-spirited lady was my husband Grandmother, Gramma. Ms. Fine and Dandy lived a fulfilling life here on earth for ninety-six years. She is now at rest with her runaway husband. She is even more “Fine and Dandy.” We will all have beautiful memories of the times we each shared with her. We will see her through the lessons she’s taught us, the cheers that shout from the sidelines, the blooms of flowers, the sound of the bait hitting the water, the giggles we sled ride, the smell in the air at the fair, and hear peace from the chirping of the birds.

Gramma giving her grandson his first hair cut.

We love and miss you and Grandpa, but we know you are Fine and Dandy and we will meet again. Rest in Peace.