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Free Printable Meal Plan and Grocery List.

How I grocery shop……

Here is another budget tip I’ve been doing.

Since I’ve figured out what I can spend on groceries using the envelope method, which I shared is an earlier post. I’ve found this works for me.

I plan our meals for two weeks, since we are paid every two weeks. Ex: I have in my our budget $100 per week, that included anything we’ve ran completely out of or something we’d like extra. Any money left from that weeks grocery trip goes back into the Grocery Envelope for the next time.

Ex: If I spent $60 I will only need to add $40 to make the $100. Any money left from stuffing grocery envelope for two weeks goes into vacation, holidays etc envelopes. I know confusing right, it will come easier once you’ve done a few times.

I write my grocery list as I go throughout the week. If we run out of something completely that get written at the top list. If we are half way through sometime I put that towards bottom of the list. Meaning we still have some left.

SIDE NOTE: I’ve started to write down all the prices of item’s we purchase from the grocery store. This helps me, keep track of the cost of item’s for the next time. I wrtie original price along with sale price. Rounding each amount to the next penny.

SIDE NOTE: Don’t forget to shop the $1 tree. They take coupons also, but the item has to be worded like it is on the coupon. $1 tree does not give cash returns, you must use store credit. This may have charged since I don’t return item’s.

SIDE NOTE: I personally don’t use coupons anymore, UNLESS it’s free or if I know it’s something will use before it expires. I no longer do the stock pile method. I found I was spending more than saving. Plus, item’s were expiring before we used it all. That’s just me.MMy friend and I have started this method, we’ve found it helps with anxiety at the grocery stores, we know what we need to get, and it makes for a faster trip. We are learning where to find item’s faster also.

My friend and I have started this method, we’ve found it helps with anxiety at the grocery stores, we know what we need to get, and it makes for a faster trip. We are learning where to find item’s faster also.

NOW when it comes to cleaning and beauty that is another envelope. Those are more like monthly cost. If I need laundry soap, I take the amount out of that envelope. These are not food item’s.This is list’s that we use for meal planning and grocery list. All free printable’s fun colors, and room to write.

This the website that I print my lists from:

FREE Grocery List Printables ~ 3 Colors

Printable Meal Planner + Grocery List

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Envelope Method

Since My Husband has been laid off from work almost 2 months now. I’ve found a budgeting system that works for us called the Envelope Budget.

The way this works is, make a list of your bills for the month.

I try to put mine in order of when they are due. Label envelopes with each bill you have to pay. Which I bought (2) a six ring small binder clear zipper pockets from amazon, I will post the link in this post. You’ll need to figure out the amount of money you to have to work with, if you are paid weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Next you’ll divide the amount money you have to work with by you are paid. Once you have done this, you will take that amount out of each check to each bill. This is a bit confusing the first couple of times. I’ve found this helps breath easier and not have anxiety about money, it also shows where the money is going each month and where we need to cut back. We were very lucky to have a small cushion of money. This we don’t touch unless it an emergency or if a large bill arrives..

What I use for my envelopes: I bought these item’s because I wanted to feel happy when it was time to stuff envelopes. I also bought two binders. I wanted one for monthly bills and one for the fun things. Vacation, Christmas..

Small 6 Ring Binder:

Zipper Pockets:

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Little Jar Of Fish

Welcome to our husband and wife business page. Jon and I have decided it was our time to take the next chapter of our lives by the Fin’s of a Fish and keep our eyes on the Deck of the Boat for items to post to this business page.
With that being said, our page is under construction at the moment. We are working very hard to get to purchase items anywhere from fish to the ocean. We will have other items also.
We are excited to ride the storms of the ocean and see where the Sea will take us.

PS: help out business page grow by baiting the hook (share) with your friends and families. Thank You, again

Once we get our facebook business page up and running I will share that link.

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Just When The Path’s Part

We all have sat and ponder will the paths cross or part? We can sit and think about this for hours on end. Waste our whole day away, maybe the weekend too. But the real question is which path will we take? We will choose the path that crosses or the other path that goes its own direction? Here is another question to ponder; the path that crosses is that the path God wants you to take or is the path that goes its own direction that God wants you to take? Ponder that!!!

My paths have been rocking and steep, not knowing which path I should take. I questioned and still question which path to take. Do I go with the crossed path or the path that went off on its own? So let me share a thought. The path that crosses you are more than likely to see someone you know, the path that goes off on its own you are more than likely to see no one you know. So do you go with Path A The Crossed Path or B The Part by its self? Hmmm ponder ponder ponder path A or B. Now if I threw in a path that went nowhere would you take it? Maybe because we are comfortable, we know the routine, we know the tick of the clock, we know the people we are with, plus just maybe we change anything even a very small change it will wreck the place right?

My year has been a path of ups and downs, valleys, and mountains. Some I really enjoyed and loved and then the ones I didn’t like at all and I don’t even think I could love a little bit. I started a small business here at my home, which my husband and I live along with our five dogs (of all sizes) and one cat and two fish. You can’t have fish without a cat, can you? Hmm, ponder? Okay, okay let me get back on the path that I fell off of. My business started off slow and somewhat bumpy, then I had the rocket high of sales, then my rocket came crashing down. The business has come to snail pace, maybe even slower than that. But with all the ups and downs, with all the tears and giving up I pushed through. I’ve met people from all types of life and some I really connected with on a different level.

I didn’t realize that friends and people we meet are on all different levels. High ones those are the ones we look at like our “God” the lower friends are our “Hmm they’re my friend today but I lose them it’s no big deal, we can replace them. You know we have all thought and felt this also. Hard to swallow I know, because I’ve done it too. With my business, I have costumers who purchase almost all the time, then I have those costumers who purchase here and there, the ones where I think why aren’t you buying more?? Why?? Why?? Why?? I need your business I need your reviews, I need thoughts, I need your eyes to draw in new eyes, I need, I need, I need. I can go on and on about what I need.
But here’s the real truth I don’t NEED anything, nope nothing, not a thing…..(you’re wondering 🤔 why doesn’t she need anything if she wants her business to grow?). Here’s why I have to work at getting those new eyes myself, not waiting on others to help me or do it for me. I have to learn to do it myself. Sure it’s great that my customers want to help, but I have to learn some on my own. Like taking the crossed path or the path that went in its own direction.

I chose to take a path that I knew I could be somebody, I could make a little extra pocket money, “fun money” as I call it. Well, that fun money because more of a have to have and I want rather than what I needed. What I mean is, my wants were way bigger than my needs. I had let my paths going every which way, crossed, circling, passing one another, bumping into each other, and then falling off into their own paths, lost.
That’s is lost is the word “LOST”. I was lost in what was really going on, and which path was I to take? Heck, by this time I was lost myself, do I take A or B or Neither? As my business has come to almost as a feather falling to the ground slow I have to decide where do I go from here. Yes, The PATH again.

I was thinking now what do I do, where do I go from here, I’ve made good friends through my business and by now they are more than just “that Friend” the one you can replace. I can’t replace these people they’ve seen me at my worse and they’ve seen me at my highest, rocking it. The breaking point is coming, but when? I better get a hardness because it’s about to get real any day now. I began reading again and trying to sort things out, yep that path again, right here in front of me.
I came across the book “Crash the Chatterbox” by Steven Furtick, you must read!! What is the book about you’re going to asking, just that “THE CHATTER” we hear in our own head? What we can, what we can’t, what we are afraid, what doesn’t scare us, what do we look the way we do, why don’t people like me, why why why why……… The Wrecked path.
I had shared with my customers I was reading this book. No sooner than I had shown the book cover they were in for the long haul. They wanted to join me in reading this BIBLE Study. I was shocked you want to read this with me? Great, you will need to order your book and the study guide. (I shared the link which I will in the notes below).

BUT, what I wasn’t ready for was, my path was going cross with people I knew. What was this path going to be like? Then the big question came:
Who will lead this Bible Study, not me I have no clue about the bible, zero, nothing, lost, confused, and oh is that what Jesus said? Hmm didn’t know that. Jesus was saying a whole heck of a lot but I wasn’t listening like normal always in my own thoughts and head “Chatter”. I was going to learn real fast how my path was going to change.

God, used me so many years ago in a school where I was a teachers aide working with children who needed that little extra support, you know, “you got this, you can do this, I know you can, don’t give up, we’ll find another way for you to learn it.” If that meant I sat up all hours of the nights coming up with my own plans to help my student grow in learning or teaching myself sign language, most of all so their confidence would go within themselves. Which hmm, brain fart just now, Jesus was working on my confidences then also.

I believe lived I couldn’t lead this Bible Study because I know nothing about the bible. The “Chatter” continued to use the words, I can’t, I don’t know, I’m scared, I’m stupid, Why me, Can’t you pick someone better, Nope I’m not doing, while I’m stomping my foot, (shhh like my sister in law and daughter do when they want something heard, God loves them). Just as I had told myself, well I guess someone in the group of friends would be the leader, that’s great off the hook. Not so easy!! Darn it!!!

One night during one of my jewelry business sales, which I was doing my JOB running 🏃‍♀️my business, one of my customers now friends says why do you lead the study. I started cracking up and thinking are they kidding me? NOPE, they’re, not at all. It hits me, that yep it’s me that GOD picked to lead this study. My path had taken a whole different direction, the path I didn’t want to take or even try to understand.

But here I am today, leading this study, of 8 ladies including myself and loving it. My life’s paths have taken me on so many journeys, of emotions, lost, hurt, angry, confused, wanting to be loved, wanting to be wanted, wanting to just be someone. My paths in my life have been harsh at times, and smooth as butter others. I’d like the smooth as butter much better, but God wants us to trust him, to listen to him, to hear the truth in his voice, to shut the “Chatter” off, more like put a cork in it.
Don’t fall for the insecurity the enemy wants us to fall for, but what we need to know is GOD SAYS I AM, this is right out of the book: “I am His masterpiece, I am His workmanship, I am established, I am sealed with His promise, and I am REDEEMED!”

The “Chatter” works great wonders if we let it, sometimes we don’t even know the “Chatter” is doing its best work on us, until it’s too late, when we have taken the wrong PATH. The Path the “CHATTER” created the one that we believe so much is true when zero of it is true. God, created me and you, He had a plan/path for us before we were born, He knew the paths we would take before we took them good or bad. Because He CREATED us to be strong, to be his light in other people’s lives when they are lost and on the wrong path.

So I’ve decided my business path is now ready to go on its own path, and I’m going to take the cross path, The Cross Path that leads me to the people I know, to the people I don’t know, to the unknown period, because I have to let the “Chatter” go and Listen to GOD’s CHATTER the truth the Cross where Jesus is.

Sorry if you’re dizzy by now…..But it was well worth me writing this either in order or out of oder it caught you attention, don’t let the “Chatter” tell you differently

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Life without Facebook?

What is life without Facebook? Let me begin by saying Quiet!!!
The quietness is almost scary. Scary enough to give the emptiness feeling in the gut. Wait, what, what are those sounds? Your ears are hearing new sounds and tones. The keyboards are just as lost are we are. Each letter of the alphabet is trying to figure out how to spell how they feel.

As the quietness sets, our brains begin to recognize the sound. The sounds our ears haven’t heard in many years. As we move throughout our day, we stop and focus on the old but new sounds. We find calmness in raindrops, find beauty in the trees from the window, the blues, and whites of the bubbly clouds and breathtaking. The simpleness of our days is studding.

We get lost in our cyber world. We hide from the outside world. We begin to believe this is our life we are to live. Our families, friends, co-workers, college friends, bosses, even our neighbors are now at the tip of our fingers. Our words are no longer read as we state them. We may be posting something one way, but our viewer sees them differently. They feel them differently. They can feel like glass cutting to the bone.

Cyberworld has also helped with hiding behind the screen. Again we can share videos of all sorts. We can post happy, loving, and laughter videos. But on the other hand, there are videos of madness, anger, sadness, and violence. Our cyberworld families each view those videos differently.

As I use Facebook for not just my family and friends, I also use it for my business. I was finding myself getting angrier and angrier while rolling through my newsfeeds. Not only was I feeling angry, but I began feeding into the “she said, they said” world. I began to tumble into depression. It was time to check out.

I checked out of my Facebook for two days. Today (Saturday) was my first day. Wow, my morning was totally out of sorts. My day was starting to look like a trainwreck. I had to have self-check. Telling myself, this will be great for my mind and health. I had to repeat this serval times throughout the day. I made it through day one.

I’d been missing out on so much. But it was my choice to be on Facebook as much as I had been. That isn’t anyone’s fault but my own. Just a bit of advice, take breaks from the cyberworld. Reset your mind and soul. You’ll be ready to take on the train again.

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Here One Hour Gone The Next

We never know when our last walk here on the big earth will be.
What about our last good morning?
We never know when our last kiss goodbye will be.
What about the last look in their eyes?
We never know when our last laugh will be.
What about our last yell?
We never know when our last hug will be.
What about our last holding hands?
We never know when our last meal together will be.
What about our last date together?
We never know when our last breath will be.
What about the last breath and you didn’t get to say goodbye.
This happened to my family.

My uncle’s health had been going downhill. These past ten years they have slipped faster. Just last month my uncle and aunt along with my godson moved. I’m the one my uncle calls to come help. He says, “Call Sissy, she knows how to pack and get things done.” Of course, I’m all for it. Helping them move was a job, this time, moving to a smaller place, but taking everything with them.

At the beginning of this month, my uncle was rushed to the hospital. We knew he would be coming home. So I’m off on the fast horse to my aunt’s to help get ready for him to come home. As we sorted through things I felt the emptiness when we got to my uncle’s belongings. Now mind he was coming home. We didn’t get too much done with that sorting. Here we are just a few weeks, my uncle was taken to the hospital by my Godson, their son. This was a trip like all the others, he’ll be home soon. My aunt was work when this took place. They were preparing for him to come home. That he did, he went home, but to Heaven HOME. The last time aunt had seen her husband was the morning before she went to work. With this virus going around she could only talk to him. As his health worsened, she only got to talk to the nurses.

Tonight like any other night my aunt calls to give me the update. The hospital had to make some changes today. We spoke just a bit longer and hung up. Just as I sat my phone down, God told me that My Uncle would be joining our other love ones in Heaven.

I just hung up with my aunt, she seems to be doing good. She’s been preparing herself for this day for so long. Now it’s just her and my Godson. Which by the way he has CP. My Godson is struggling with the last argument he and my uncle had. Which was on the way to the hospital just a little over a week.

Sorry, this is all over the place. But my brain is still in shock that my uncle is gone. He and I had a relationship like no other. He was a Mr. Know it all, (which he was he knew everything the Facts), he had great selling skills. He could sell you an empty box for hundreds of dollars. He would love to get me going, and I’d give it right back. We never left one another angry or mad. His bear hugs will be so missed. I will say I’ll be on that fast horse when my aunt and godson need me.

Now it’s time to plan his funeral. We already know he’ll be bossing us the whole way through it. Mr. Bossy Pants!!

Hey Uncle Steve, tell Grandma hello, even better you and your dad can have a car lot full of cars to sell. Who needs a car??? I have the best sales men.

Side note: He did not have that awful virus that is going around.

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Shock – Let me out

When thinking of curveballs, we may think of a pitcher correct? Or maybe we think of the curveball that a tennis player may be getting ready to serve. What about a ping pong player who is getting ready to knock across the net. Or maybe a curveball could be something different, something that has nothing to do with sports. When you think of a curveball, where does your mind take you? Curveballs are served to us every day in one way or another. We can either A.) take the curvey path or B.) take a different route.

In September, I had set goals for October. I had set them pretty high since I like to take on a challenge. This goal was to better me, to help my business goal, to gain more friends, and take life in as it was. Life was great! I just wanted to better things. I set out to reach those goals as I had planned. The end of September arrived, and it was game time.
October was here, and it was time to get busy. I was like the female honey bee workings, all over the place looking for what would get my business growing. I was taking items from one set and pairing it up with something else. A lot like the female honey bee worker, trying to find the right home for my new jewelry. I love at my jewelry business like honey bees. Humans and Honey bees are a lot alike. Humans harvest well in some months than others. Just like Honey Bees, the harvest better when there are flowers in full bloom covered in pollen. Well, we humans work harder when we know there is something sweet at the end.

I worked and worked and worked even harder. The middle of October arrived. I was in self-doubt, doubting everything I had done and was planning to do. Finally, I had found a few new friends and was leading myself to good sales and growth. Self-doubt got me again. I was worried I wouldn’t reach my goal. The new friends I had made coached me on and told me I could do it. Even has much sent me items I hadn’t seen. I was shocked, but yet, so thankful for their help. The end of October came I was just 18 pieces short of my goal of 300. I was proud of myself and kept setting goals each month. As the month ticked, I became close to one of the friends I had met. She has taught me tips, pointers, shared items, and again cheered me on. Our friendship grew so much that we trusted one another to share, ideas, our spouse’s names, our children’s names, our daily life-styles, everything that good friends too.

February arrived, and we attended an event together to get more pointers from our higher up people. Now, this was the first time we had met in person. We were so excited, planning this since January. We had a blast, laughing, getting to know one another more, you know friend stuff. After the event, it was goal-setting time. We had set all these new goals, had games in mind, knew who we could turn to for help. We had each other.
The challenges started to roll in like thunder. They were like lightning, flashing every which way. We began to let the storm of challenges take over. Our goals were starting to get washed away with challenge storms.
But this time we’ve become best friends. We talked like best friends do, none stop. Our lives rotated around each other. We began to vent about how we felt and how things were going. Which means names are normally brought, up right? Well, that when the curveball was served. I didn’t have my helmet on, nor my batting gloves, or better yet my eyes there they needed to be.

March is here and I no longer have a good friend. We’ve have decided it would be best to go our own ways. Why?? I shared above that she and I talked about everything and shared everything. She had my trust, that things would stay between her and me. And I did the same with her. Curveball has been pitched, yes she shared what we had talked about. This was after she asked me to keep it between her and me. I did my part of being a loyal best friend. Once the curveball was pitched there wasn’t anything I could do but try to figure out the game that was being played before me. I tried to make it to first base by saying sorry, then to second base by giving us space to think, then to third, where I was told I was negative and it rubbed off on others. What, we were both throwing those negative curveballs. Well, I’ve finally made it to the home base. It took me a little bit to get there but I’m here.

It has taken me a bit to cleanse my mind, gather my thoughts, declutter my mind, and most of all Ask God for forgiveness. I know she wasn’t the only one at fault here. I too take the blame. I prayed for healing, and also found a friend that I actually have always had helped me through this process. She gave me the right tools to use and reminded me that the first step was asking for forgiveness and realizing it was my fault also.
I had a grand opening with my business this evening. And I’m glad to say it went surprisingly very well. I told 13 items in just over an hour.
So here is my tip to you: Don’t share what you wouldn’t with God. Remember He is our BEST FRIEND. He tells us the truth. And Guess what, He’s always there when we mess up. He set up back up on our feet and we are off again like racehorses. WE are looking for that finish line. But we also have to watch for those curveballs, they can hurt when they hit us.

I’m not saying by any means that what I do for a living is awful, or not worth it. Because it’s been worth everything to me. I have learned so many things about myself, and I have gained tons of new friends. But I did learn a lesson too.

I just want to be real!!!

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Coronavirus -VS- Income

The Coronavirus is on the rise. The United States has now seen our store shelves go from fully stocked to nothing but dust. Everyone is hurrying to stockpile, but what is in your Income stockpile? Are you worried? Are you a lucky one that their company hasn’t sent you home for the next month? Are you a lucky one that has been able to work from home and not worry?

Or are you on the other side of the paying table? Are you worried about when your next check will come? What about your savings? Will this Virus hurt that too? Did you have plans for a vacation this summer? Or is that on the back burner now? Or maybe you’ve had to put a big RED line through that vacation.

—– OR—–

What if I told you that you could make forty-five percent profit from working at home. Yes, from home!! You could be home with your babies, that are now out of school for a month. And you just got the notice that your workplace is not closing their doors also. What are you going to do? Are you going to Fight or Flight? That choice is up to you. But you can fight this issue by becoming employed by yourself.

Let me share:
I became an Independent for Paparazzi Accessories and Jewelry in May of 2019. I was looking for some independence for myself, even though I’m married and have two grown adult children no longer living at home. I wanted something that I could say, “I’m more than just a wife or mother.” I began searching for that “Dream Job.” I had stalked Facebook, searched Google so much that I felt like I had read everything a million times. I came across Paparazzi Accessories and Jewelry and knew it was for me. I did my research and research even more. Once I decided that was what I was looking for I joined. I know what does it cost to join??

Let me tell you:

There are three different kits you can start with.

The first kit is $99 plus tax comes with:

The second kit is $299 plus tax comes with:

The third kit is $499 plus tax and it comes with:

Once you join paparazzi you can start selling jewelry. Yes, that’s right you can start selling. How right? With your kit, you receive a free website with no monthly fees. You have resources at your fingertips. Your kit should arrive on your doorstep within 5-10 business days if not sooner. Here’s something even better, Monday through Friday new items are available at 3:00 EST (that’s my time). The only days that there aren’t new are on weekends and holidays. Wait it gets betters, all orders are shipped within 72 business hours!!!! Wait there’s more, you earn 45% profit of all your sales. I didn’t make and error I’m typed that correctly, 45% profit of all your sales. This is included website sales.

How is this so:

We the consultant pay $2.75 per piece of jewelry. We then turn around and sell that piece of jewelry for $5.00. Wait just when you thought it couldn’t be any better. For every 10 items that you place in an order, you as the consultant will earn one free piece of jewelry. Those are called Hostess Rewards, homeoffice pieces those pieces for us. So they are total suprises. With those pieces you can keep for yourself, give them away to friends and family, give away for game prizes or sell them. If you sell them that is 100% your profit.

So if your ready to earn some extra money or just order jewelry for yourself at the $2.75 a piece, I’d love for you to join my team. You will just need to click my link and click the join button.

Here is my link:

Here the links I used:

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Let me share my business with you.

You love jewelry, you love affordable jewelry, you love sparkly jewelry, you like gold, silver, brass, copper, and color also? Well, look no farther because you’re reading a Paparazzi Consultant Blog. I became a consultant 10 months along, and I have loved it every step of the way. I love working from home, being able to visit with my family, meeting new people, hearing how much they love the jewelry how the feel so beautiful wearing.

We have everything from women to men. Yes, MEN!! For that handsome man in your life or handsome son we have Urban items for them, along with rings. All of our rings Men or Women rings have the flex backs. A plus to our Urban line, Women can wear them too. What was to share jewelry with family in the same home.

Just one of the mean Urban Necklaces Paparazzi has.
One of man Urban Bracelets Paparazzi has
One of the many Urban Rings Paparazzi has for men

Now for you Women!! OH My where do I begin? We have short necklaces, long necklaces, sparkly necklaces, necklaces with color, Oh and doesn’t stop there! Or Women necklaces come with some sort of earrings with each Women necklace. Yes, Free!!! Oh yeah another Paparazzi works hard and making Jewelry match so you are almost always able to make a set. I know you’re thinking the lady is nuts, Right? Nope, I’m not, being honest and it only cost $5 each. Yes, I’m telling the truth $5 each, along with Lead and Nickel FREE!!!!! Here are just a few of what you can find on my website.

Those are just a Few of you’ll find on my website. OH wait a minute I have more great news to share… READY???

I make 45% profit of all my sales. WHAT??? Yes, 45% profit of all my sales. We have 3 starter kits, price ranges from $99 to $499, everything you would need to get you started.

Here is my website:

Here is my facebook Business page: I have live show every Wed-Thursdy 8:30 pm EST and Friday 8:00 pm EST. I will do drop ins through the week on the other days. Hope to see you there.

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Why Did I Start Blogging????

Why did I start blogging??
I began blogging because I wanted to share my life, my story, my treasures, my deepest feelings, and to let others know they too can conquer those deepest feelings. What was holding me back? Those feelings that I had bottled up for a lifetime. What was in that bottle? The actual feelings, the words, the story in that bottle? I wanted to help others. I wanted to hear their story. Was their deepest feeling the same as mine, I wanted to know.
I dealt with lots of questions in my life. Did I wonder if I was loved? Did I wonder if I belonged? Did I wonder if I was good enough? Did I wonder if God even cared? Did I wonder if I even knew God? The answer is Yes to all of them. There is one I still struggle with today. That is what is my purpose. Have you asked yourself, “What is my purpose?” I’m still in the process of learning.
Through blogging, I’ve been able to grow, grow into a stronger person. I still have my weaknesses. Yes, I still want to make the path all on my own, you know I wear big girl panties now. (haha laugh). 😂Through blogging, I’ve been able to sort through a lot of those bottled up words and feelings.
So if you are thinking about blogging, I would stay take in on challenge yourself, don’t be afraid to put those feelings into words, get them out there. You’re not the only one who had lived parts and pieces of your life.
Grow…..Let things be at peace…..Let your heart be filled with love and happiness. Most of all What is God calling you to do?