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Envelope Method

Since My Husband has been laid off from work almost 2 months now. I’ve found a budgeting system that works for us called the Envelope Budget.

The way this works is, make a list of your bills for the month.

I try to put mine in order of when they are due. Label envelopes with each bill you have to pay. Which I bought (2) a six ring small binder clear zipper pockets from amazon, I will post the link in this post. You’ll need to figure out the amount of money you to have to work with, if you are paid weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Next you’ll divide the amount money you have to work with by you are paid. Once you have done this, you will take that amount out of each check to each bill. This is a bit confusing the first couple of times. I’ve found this helps breath easier and not have anxiety about money, it also shows where the money is going each month and where we need to cut back. We were very lucky to have a small cushion of money. This we don’t touch unless it an emergency or if a large bill arrives..

What I use for my envelopes: I bought these item’s because I wanted to feel happy when it was time to stuff envelopes. I also bought two binders. I wanted one for monthly bills and one for the fun things. Vacation, Christmas..

Small 6 Ring Binder:

Zipper Pockets:


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