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Shock – Let me out

When thinking of curveballs, we may think of a pitcher correct? Or maybe we think of the curveball that a tennis player may be getting ready to serve. What about a ping pong player who is getting ready to knock across the net. Or maybe a curveball could be something different, something that has nothing to do with sports. When you think of a curveball, where does your mind take you? Curveballs are served to us every day in one way or another. We can either A.) take the curvey path or B.) take a different route.

In September, I had set goals for October. I had set them pretty high since I like to take on a challenge. This goal was to better me, to help my business goal, to gain more friends, and take life in as it was. Life was great! I just wanted to better things. I set out to reach those goals as I had planned. The end of September arrived, and it was game time.
October was here, and it was time to get busy. I was like the female honey bee workings, all over the place looking for what would get my business growing. I was taking items from one set and pairing it up with something else. A lot like the female honey bee worker, trying to find the right home for my new jewelry. I love at my jewelry business like honey bees. Humans and Honey bees are a lot alike. Humans harvest well in some months than others. Just like Honey Bees, the harvest better when there are flowers in full bloom covered in pollen. Well, we humans work harder when we know there is something sweet at the end.

I worked and worked and worked even harder. The middle of October arrived. I was in self-doubt, doubting everything I had done and was planning to do. Finally, I had found a few new friends and was leading myself to good sales and growth. Self-doubt got me again. I was worried I wouldn’t reach my goal. The new friends I had made coached me on and told me I could do it. Even has much sent me items I hadn’t seen. I was shocked, but yet, so thankful for their help. The end of October came I was just 18 pieces short of my goal of 300. I was proud of myself and kept setting goals each month. As the month ticked, I became close to one of the friends I had met. She has taught me tips, pointers, shared items, and again cheered me on. Our friendship grew so much that we trusted one another to share, ideas, our spouse’s names, our children’s names, our daily life-styles, everything that good friends too.

February arrived, and we attended an event together to get more pointers from our higher up people. Now, this was the first time we had met in person. We were so excited, planning this since January. We had a blast, laughing, getting to know one another more, you know friend stuff. After the event, it was goal-setting time. We had set all these new goals, had games in mind, knew who we could turn to for help. We had each other.
The challenges started to roll in like thunder. They were like lightning, flashing every which way. We began to let the storm of challenges take over. Our goals were starting to get washed away with challenge storms.
But this time we’ve become best friends. We talked like best friends do, none stop. Our lives rotated around each other. We began to vent about how we felt and how things were going. Which means names are normally brought, up right? Well, that when the curveball was served. I didn’t have my helmet on, nor my batting gloves, or better yet my eyes there they needed to be.

March is here and I no longer have a good friend. We’ve have decided it would be best to go our own ways. Why?? I shared above that she and I talked about everything and shared everything. She had my trust, that things would stay between her and me. And I did the same with her. Curveball has been pitched, yes she shared what we had talked about. This was after she asked me to keep it between her and me. I did my part of being a loyal best friend. Once the curveball was pitched there wasn’t anything I could do but try to figure out the game that was being played before me. I tried to make it to first base by saying sorry, then to second base by giving us space to think, then to third, where I was told I was negative and it rubbed off on others. What, we were both throwing those negative curveballs. Well, I’ve finally made it to the home base. It took me a little bit to get there but I’m here.

It has taken me a bit to cleanse my mind, gather my thoughts, declutter my mind, and most of all Ask God for forgiveness. I know she wasn’t the only one at fault here. I too take the blame. I prayed for healing, and also found a friend that I actually have always had helped me through this process. She gave me the right tools to use and reminded me that the first step was asking for forgiveness and realizing it was my fault also.
I had a grand opening with my business this evening. And I’m glad to say it went surprisingly very well. I told 13 items in just over an hour.
So here is my tip to you: Don’t share what you wouldn’t with God. Remember He is our BEST FRIEND. He tells us the truth. And Guess what, He’s always there when we mess up. He set up back up on our feet and we are off again like racehorses. WE are looking for that finish line. But we also have to watch for those curveballs, they can hurt when they hit us.

I’m not saying by any means that what I do for a living is awful, or not worth it. Because it’s been worth everything to me. I have learned so many things about myself, and I have gained tons of new friends. But I did learn a lesson too.

I just want to be real!!!


Wife of 30 years to my high school sweetheart Jon. Mother of 2 adult children, grandmother of 2 granddaughters. Pet lover of 6 dogs, 2 fish and 1 cat. I love genealogy and learning more about my ancestries. I like paying it forward through genealogy also. In enjoy crafts, reading, shopping, antiques and much more.

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