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Which side do you sit on?

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who had dreamt of always have a fairytale wedding. She knew she had her work cut out for her. Working a full-time job, living an hour and a half away from home, and away from family and friends would be hard. The soon to be bride was excited to get the wedding planning started. From finding that princess dress to asking her best friend to stand by her side, helping to choose the bridesmaids dresses, watching the flower girls glow was she had asked them to be a part of this big day.

She began her year-long journey of planning and setting dates, meetings lots of strangers, which her mother always told her, “Don’t talk to strangers.” As the list grew faster than she could push a button to stop time, the big day is here. She stands to look through the window of this fairytale and sees there are tons of “To Do’s” yet to be done.

A Friday night at her Granny’s becomes the place where family and friends come to help sort the invitations. As the names on the guest list are being read, the chatter around the table begins to get louder. Stories start to flow about loved ones on the list. One would share a short story about a wedding they had attended. Another would chime in telling what the weather was like on the wedding day. Then another story of when the Bride’s Mother was forbidden to have her wedding dress the night before her fairytale day. Finally, all the invitations are ready to be mailed the next day.

Monday morning arrives its back to normal. Work, home, eat, sleep, and repeat. The days turn to nightfall and still no RVPS cards in the mailbox. A bad day at work has been turned into excitement when she pulls the mailbox door down to see RVPS cards have arrived. She skips the house, pushing mail out of the way to find the guest list she’d left on the kitchen table. She begins to check the names off the list. Her heart begins to beat and fill with joy. Her fairytale wedding is beginning to sink in.

Now just 5 weeks out from the wedding day, the Bride is thrown for a loop. What will she do, how will she handle it, will she stay strong, or will she crumble?

Momma Bear here: like it or not, this is her MONTH, she’s longed for this day and it is fastly approaching, the day that not only the Bride but the Groom have been dreaming of. They’ve given up so much, in the almost 7 years they’ve been together. They’ve missed college homecomings, they’ve missed out on getting together with friends, the list can go on. I’m blessed to know that my child and soon to be son in law has taken all this missing out well, with not saying anything and doing without. What memories will they have to share with their children about the college football game, or basketball games, friends hanging out? They love their families and the time they have with them, but there is a time and place when Momma Bear can’t take anymore and stands up.

This is their MONTH and their WEDDING.
There I’ve said just a part of how I feel.


Wife of 30 years to my high school sweetheart Jon. Mother of 2 adult children, grandmother of 2 granddaughters. Pet lover of 6 dogs, 2 fish and 1 cat. I love genealogy and learning more about my ancestries. I like paying it forward through genealogy also. In enjoy crafts, reading, shopping, antiques and much more.

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