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What’s behind those doors???

What’s behind this cabinet doors??

One set of cabinet doors in my small kitchen. Bet you’re wondering what’s behind those closed doors. Well don’t be afraid nothing will jump out at you. Not saying that nothing will fall out on you though either. The cabinet hold all the spices, cake mixes, brownie mixes, cook decoration candies, chocolate chips, coffee drop ins, and oils. I try to clean this cabinet out really good once a year and then every six to 7 months. But this year got behind me and I had items in there that well, expired last year. Seeing everything that had expired made me be aware of items I waste. Those great sales at the grocery stores. The buy five save five dollars, buy six save three dollars, buy one get one free. Well, my wallet lost everything that I was to save on. Those extra items just went to waste and had to be thrown away. The trash company is going to thing I’m nuts seeing all those yummy but now stale cake mixes in the trash.

Cabinet before clearing everything out of it.

Yes, this is that cabinet. Scary yes? For years I’ve tried to organizing this cabinet and never have been satisfied with it. When I added the little green basket I was in love, but sooner than I had thought I  began hating the cabinet again. I just began piling things onto of one, pushing other items to the side. Cooking became boring and just another chore for me. I knew there were items in there from years ago, but who wanted to deal with sorting and tossing things away? I wasn’t up for it until today. I was ready to tackle this one. 


Can you believe it, it’s completely empty. I vacuumed and wiped down the shelves and walls of the cabinet. The shelves had some stains on them, from oil that had dripped. The bay leaves that I place in the cabinet to help keep those little bugs from getting into the floor were now just steams. The smell of cabinet was still there, that stale small. Which by they way who else puts bay leaves in their Cabinets? 

This way or…..

Here is one way I thought I’d organize it, but I have another way too. Here is what I used. Wrapping paper that I thought was cute, tape, scissors, and some small boxes from the grocery store. I wrapped only the bottom and four sides of the box. Then I placed them in the cabinet many of different ways, and came up with this way. I began organizing items in the way that I use them. What I used most I kept to the floor others I moved to the back. I had all the cookie decorating candies pushed to the back. Which I use those when I’m baby-sit. 

Or this way?

What I did differen with the top shelf. I pulled the cookie decorating candies to the front. This would make for them to be easily reached. I use this items when I baby-sit, either cooking cookies or using them for crafts. I removed the green basket and turn the box unside down so I could use the opening to place the chocolate chips in it. The powdered sugar is something that I rarley use, so I placed that in the back of the cabinet. So far I’m in love with my cabinet this way.

Before cleaning and organizing the drawer


I moved to the drawers on the cabinet. The top picture shows the mess and items that didn’t belong together. I put the icing in the cabinet will all the other baking items. Put the straws in a smale box that had already been wrapped in paper. Also placing the storage baggies in this drawer. Which when we first moved here twenty fours ago, this is where all these items were.

Drawer number two before
Drawer number two after

Once again I moved the chocolate chips to the cabinet with all the other baking items. Threw away the breakfast bar that was stale. I placed all the spice packets in one box that had already been wrapped in paper. I placed the broth cube in the middle, dividing the spice packets from the instant oats. Placing the tea bags and lemonade together.

This drawer is right under the other two.

This drawer I keep the binder with all the manuals in it, and extra light bulbs. This drawer has never changed except for the binder. The binder I got from when I worked at the school.

Cabinet door

I haven’t gotten to declutter this cabinet yet, but I wanted to share this idea from Pinterest. Just to the side of this drawer is a counter, which I do one hundred precent of my meal prepping on. This makes it easy for me to when I need one of those items. I plan to add more of these containers through out my kitchen and home.

I hope these pictures has given my followers some idea’s and helpful tip’s.


Wife of 30 years to my high school sweetheart Jon. Mother of 2 adult children, grandmother of 2 granddaughters. Pet lover of 6 dogs, 2 fish and 1 cat. I love genealogy and learning more about my ancestries. I like paying it forward through genealogy also. In enjoy crafts, reading, shopping, antiques and much more.

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  1. Your kitchen cabinet looks very nice now. I understand what you feel about the items that expired and had to be thrown away. We have this problem too at home.

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