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Powder Room

Today has been a busy day, what about yours? I have a few errands to run, pick up dog food for our six dogs of all sizes and colors. Pick a few things up at the grocery store, and donated some items to Goodwill and some where in there I grabbed a bite to eat. I stopped in at a clothing store going out of business to just look. I was very good I did just that looked. No good deals for me, plus I have just sorting through all my clothes in my dresser and closet. I donated three trash bags of clothing and one bag of shoes, along with one bag of baby stuff.

All the white trash bags have clothing or shoes in them.

I decided not to sort today, needing a break. But I will share my bathroom I declutters last week. Oh my, I’m embarrassed to even post a picture of it. Wow it what a hot mess it was. There really wasn’t a lot of trash or donations, just needed to refold wash rag, hand towels, bath towels, and they sheets and pillow cases. I had my make-up in a small shoe tote, which made for a pain when I needed to get to it. My hair items were in the right drawer but just a mess. I have a few extra curling irons and cords that I had just thrown in a drawer and forgot about them.

Embarrassing but wait until you see the after picture

Our home is a manufactured home, which we bought the spring of 1995 and put it on one and half acres of farm land that we had bought from my husband’s grandfather. The land our home sets on was once where cows roamed. Matter of fact, when I moved from Cincinnati, Ohio in 1985, to Indiana, I met my husband that same year. He was a hunter, fisherman, outdoor kind of guy. He asked me out on a date with him and his buddies, of course I took him up on it. A city girl in the country what could go wrong right? Well, I didn’t know we were going hunting at night but for what, I had not clue. He took me Raccoon hunting, on the land we now live on. We’ve been here almost twenty-four years.

The manufactured homes are built with as little as possible and not with the best of wood, or hardware. Which we have found that out in the years we’ve been here. Our home is a three bedroom, two full baths, living room, eat in kitchen, laundry room, and a library/play room is what I call it. We also have a breezeway, of course filled with stuff, and two car garage but that is full too. I do plan to share room for room with my followers. But lets get back to my bathroom Well, it’s just my bathroom, my husband’s also.

Here is another view of my bathroom.

As you can see, I have towels on the floor to step on when getting out of the shower. We plan to pull up the carpet and put different flooring down. The hose is for giving our hundred pound dog a bath. The curling iron was used one time and put back into the box, I had planned on returning it and well you can see where it is. The stand was one of those cute basket organizers that go over the toilet. I didn’t care for it after I put it together. There is a magazine rack under the towel. That and the basket organizer went to Goodwill. The curtain rod, once hung over the long mirrors with a curtain on it. I’m not sure what I want to do with those mirrors. Of course I washed all the dirty towels and clothes. Putting the towels where they go.

Sink area before

This the sink area, it small but not as small as the other bathroom in the house, so it works. I wanted to do something thing different with my hair products, and lotions. So I thought I’d pick this up from the Goodwill. Well, I don’t like it at all, it takes up way too much room, and it makes me have anxiety attacks. However I did keep the stand, and the bird toothbrush holder. I didn’t part with any hair products or lotions. The dog collar went to the laundry room where the rest of the pet supplies are. The Q-Tips have been put away where they belong. The tote under the Q-Tips once held all my make-up.

The sink area after

I had bought these cute gold and white baskets about a year ago. I didn’t know what I was going to use them for, but I needed them. Well, this is what I used them for. I put all my hair products in the larger basket, the smaller one I put deodorants, lotions, and the small mirror. The bird still holds our toothbrush and toothpaste. I bought that at a thirft store a year ago also. As you can see I haven’t painted the cabinets in my bathroom like I have my kitchen. My kitchen cabinets are a light gray color.

This is my kitchen cabinet
Before under the sink

We don’t really use the place under the sink wisely. The wire racks I bought at a Goodwill maybe 4 years ago. The white three drawer container I had on my desk when I worked at the school. I sorted through each drawer in the white container, throwing away, crapstick, hand lotions, and dental floss. The wire rack, I took completely out of the area and donated hair dye, bath soap, shampoo, and toothpaste we know longer used.

After under the sink

I combined the bath balls and personal items together in one of the wire racks. The white three drawer now has, extra razors, extra toothbrushes, and extra toothpaste. I used a small container to hold the extra make-up brushes. ST37, my mother in law swears by. It helps heals mouth sores, sores on your nose, if you can find buy it.

Drawer #1 before

This of course is the top drawer of the vanity. The catch it all drawer. It was to only have hair items in it. As I sorted through this drawer, I was able to donate hair ties, bobby pins, and dental floss that had never been opened.

Drawer #1 after

Marie Kondo suggest that you use items you have already. I have baby wipe containers all the time that are empty. What better way to use them, that this. I put all the combs, hair bands, and bobby pins I had kept in the empty wipe container, pulling off the lid. The green organizer I had from when I worked at the school. It works great for hair clips, and plastic tooth picks. The cords go with our toothbrushes and my husbands shaver.

Drawer #2 before

This drawer I was able to donate the shaver along with its attachments, purple soap holders, and the make-up pads. Now remember we don’t have a lot of storage in our home. Ready for the after?

Drawer #2 after

I was able to remove all my make-up from the tote to this drawer. Where did I get the wooden trays? I bought those from a thrift store which used to go to a game of some sort. I had planned on using them as a craft, but I’m in love with using them this way. I did throw away any make-up I hadn’t used or, no longer liked, it wasn’t much.

Drawer #3 done

This drawer I put the extra curling irons and plugs in. The green basket I had for years. So glad that it fits just right in this drawer.

Back of toilet

The back of this toilet once held the make-up tote and Q-tips. It now holds this wire basket I bought at Dollar General on markdown last year. I put my hair dryer and hair straightener in it. This why I won’t have to worry about either of them falling into the sink or on the floor.

Wash rags and hand towels cabinet before

Bath towels cabinet before
Sheets and Extra pillow case cabinet before

These are pictures of the my linen closet/cabinet. As you can see the cabinet area is not very big and not wide at all. What did I do? I refolded all the linens. Placing the wash rags, hand towels and toilet paper in the top cabinet. The second cabinet down is where the bath towels go. I decided I would try the Marie Kondo method of folding towels. To my surprise I was able to get a bit more room. The third cabinet down has always held our bed sheets and extra pillow cases. This cabinet space is too small for sheets but I have no other place to store them. I sorted through the cabinet, because I had sheets that weren’t a set. Those I donated to Goodwill and some I kept for our dogs when it’s muddy out. Here is the after…

Wash rags, hand towels and toilet paper after
Bath towels after.
Sheets and extra pillow cases after

What do you think so far??

My Garden Tub

This is my garden tub. But we also use it to give our smaller dogs baths in. Yes that pie rack I had on my sink counter top. I never knew what to do with that seat, so I put it here and placed…..

Garden tub with rack

I decided I’d put me a candle on this rack along with my soap, shampoo, and shaving cream and razer. What do you think?

Ready for a the final picture? It took me three hours to clean this bathroom, that I’m now in love with and I can’t wait to paint and redecorate. I’m looking for any idea’s on how to decorate it or a theme.

Finally Finished

As you can seen the carpet is old and have bleach stains on it. That will be pulled up and new flooring will be put down. I plan to paint the cabinets, and the walls. The cabinets will get new hardward, and a new toilet. The garden tub is a yellowy color I’m thinking becasue of the sun light above it. Can you believe it?


Wife of 30 years to my high school sweetheart Jon. Mother of 2 adult children, grandmother of 2 granddaughters. Pet lover of 6 dogs, 2 fish and 1 cat. I love genealogy and learning more about my ancestries. I like paying it forward through genealogy also. In enjoy crafts, reading, shopping, antiques and much more.

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