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Just Hanging In There

Just One Pile From My Closet

Weeks ago I decided I’d take the Marie Kondo Challenge as I call it. I’d been wanting to clear out our home of toxic items, that bring me depression, loneliness, angry, rage, but yet still give me happiness, and hope. I had heard about this Marie Kondo from a neighbor. She’d been sorting and clearing items that brought her saddness. I decided I’d watch a few video’s of this “Sorting.” The steps seems easy peasy, smooth sailing, something I thought I wouldn’t have any issues doing. As I get into those moods where I get rid of stuff because I’m tired of moving it from place to place. Or I get overwhelmed with stuff everywhere feeling like I’m drowning. I know then I have to have breathing room and I begin to toss things not even thinking one minute if I want it or not. My mother in law, always asks me to come help her sort, but she doesn’t care for my sorting. It’s a bit much for her style, but it’s a joke between us.

I had thought this wouldn’t take long at all since I knew already what I didn’t need and what was making me feel depressed. But as the sorting began I learnt real fast that it would take longer than I had agreed with myself. I started with going through my clothing. I had looked in my closet everyday sometimes more than one time a day. I knew what clothing I had hanging in there. Clothing that I’d had since I began working at a school back in 2001. Yes, 2001 I still have clothing from then, which didn’t fit anymore hadn’t fit for years. But I loved the colors and the style but guess what I hadn’t wore half of them because they weren’t my Style. The style hanging in my closet was a style that looked great on those people in magaizines. The ones we all fall in love with until we get them home. Clothes hanging on hangers just waiting until I could fit in them again or ever fit in them.

As I began taking each piece of clothing out of my closet and laying them on my bed, I couldn’t believe the heaping pile I carried from a very small closet in my bedroom. The sorting began, taking each item off its home known as the plastic hanger, tossing it into an empty basket to hear it bounce out and hit the floor. Moving the empty donation or trash bag to the bed side, I stood in awe as I looked at the mess I’d made. And just how long would this really take? Hours, on Hours. Once I set my mind to it, I started picking each piece of clothing up looking at, inspecting it, and thinking, do I love it or hate it or why did I even buy that? The clothing I parted with, I was to tell each item thank you and place into the correct bag. As the bags became full faster and faster, I decided to get some empty totes. Which by the way, the only way those totes were going to empty was to empty the stuff out of them. Just to replace those items with new ones. Thankfully the heaping pile of clothing on my bed started to dewindle down to very little. My first thought, Now I can go buy new, or can I and why? That is how my brain works, I get rid of items and want to replace them with new, to fill that emptiness, better known as depression.

It was time to focus on the dresser! All those drawers filled with the same as what hung in the closet. Clothing that was two or three times too small or what was I thinking when I bought that, kind of stuff. Just like the clothing hanging in the closet, the clothing in those drawers had to be taken out and placed into a heaping pile once again covering my bed. Picking you each T-Shirt, each pair of jeans, each pair of PJ bottoms, to each pair of socks, I realized that I hadn’t even put some of the items on after I tried them on in the dressroom in the store. Then it hit me, why not try to sell what I can to at least get something. That’s when another tote had to be empty to be filled with items to sell. I had two totes full of clothings that I took to a second hand store, which I didn’t get much but every penny counts right? What didn’t sell I donated and have been really good about not buying new. Well, I have bought a new pair of jeans and a pair of shorts that FIT. I’ve continued to going through my clothing and donating them to a Pet Shelter that will have a rummage sale in April. All profits will go to the care of the pets in the shelter. As I had shared above that my neighbor was doing the Marie Kondo, she’s been donating items also to the Pet Shelter, she has offered to take the items I’m donating in when she takes her items in. I’ve very thankful I have her. I did slip her some cash for the help.

Folded T-Shirts

Once the drawers were all gone through it was time to fold the items I would be keeping and putting them back into the dresser. I started with my T-Shirts, at first I didn’t care for the Marie Kondo folding method. I’m still getting use to it today. I find myself wanting to fold the T-shirt the way I used to. You can really fit more shirts in a drawer, try it and see what you think. You can always go back to your way of folding T-Shirts.

Socks before sorting and folding or Balling as I do it.
Socks After Sorting and Balling

I knew I had lots of socks, but I didn’t think I had that many until I looked at all the little balls of socks laying on my bed. Once again Marie Kondo has a special way of folding those too. Well, I don’t care for that way so I continue to ball them like I’ve done all my life. But I did organize them into their own little area in the sock drawer. Did I part with any? Yes, before when I’d pull that drawer open it was like letting that fake snake out of the can springing into the air. Yes, that’s what it looked like but only socks. Did I have socks from when I worked at the school? Yes, to that question also, even those that were my favorite with the hole in the toe. Why did I keep those, beats me.

Underneath my sock drawer is my Pj bottoms drawer. That too has bottoms that either didn’t fit or I had too many of the same material. As you can see I keep all season Pj bottoms out. When my heatflashes, I never know when Mother of Hormones is going to act up. So to be on the save side I have heavy to light weight bottoms. Even long or capri style in length. Of course with the stretchy waist band so they will fit, well lets be real, I’ve gained weight. I don’t have those “Girlie” Pj’s, their a waste of material and time.

Exercise pants
Sport Bra’s

Talking about gaining weight lets move onto exercise clothings. Yep, I have piles of that those items too. For Mother’s Day last May I received an Apple Watch. I was so committed to working out, walking 8 miles a day and execising every day and watching what I was eating. Even had my husband on a healthy eating plan he just didn’t know it. The Marie Kondo says to deplay your Bra’s in a pretty arrangement this will make you happy when you see them. That is very pretty but, happy NOT. It reminds me of the weight I’ve gained and out of shape I am. In December I had a wedding I’m in, The Mother Of The Bride. I’ll have to fit into a pretty dress and try to look hot for my husband, haha.

If you’re wanting to sort, part with items you no longer need or want, try the Marie Kondo method. I loved seeing the difference it has made so far in my closet and dresser. I have moved onto another area in our home = Paper. I thought I had clothes, nothing compares to paper. For those that are genealogist, you all know what I’m talking about.



Wife of 30 years to my high school sweetheart Jon. Mother of 2 adult children, grandmother of 2 granddaughters. Pet lover of 6 dogs, 2 fish and 1 cat. I love genealogy and learning more about my ancestries. I like paying it forward through genealogy also. In enjoy crafts, reading, shopping, antiques and much more.

3 thoughts on “Just Hanging In There

  1. I am so proud of you and congratulations to your accomplishments in lightening your life!!! Most of all in not having to replace “stuff “ to feel ok!!
    You are right in saying we do have the same “clearing out “ of stuff but I could still use your help 🤪


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