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Eating In At Home

Groceries for 2 week total cost $120 and some odd change.

Cutting the eating out can be really hard on the taste buds. Not only on the taste buds but the convenience of just driving through a fast food restaurant drive=thru. The fast good can be tasty and easy, but very unhealthy. Not that I’m a health nut either. I love me some Wendy’s, Chiplote, Skyline, and LaRosa Pizza. All these places are just ten minutes from my home. I get in my head, telling myself it’s faster to run through a drive-thru before going shopping or just bumming around. Just to find by the end of the weekend, most of my cash is gone to fast foods. And for the next few days, I’m plump up like a balloon from all the salt. I know eating out isn’t healthy for me. Especially since I just got my lab work results from the doctor’s office last month. NOT GOOD. The awful, mean, hateful, depressing, nagging, tear-jerker, mad woman attitude word DIET! Watch what you’re eating, drink more water, eat more greeny salads, eat less sugar, stay away from the salt, lessen your eating out, bluh, bluh, bluh, bluh a lot like the Teacher on Charlie Brown.

Outside the doctor’s office, test result paper in hand, all the illnesses and diseases racing through my head. I know what unhealthy looks like. Cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, depression, anxiety, alcoholism and drug addiction. All of which run in my family. I have lost family members to each of these, some having more than one. I had always told myself, I won’t allow myself to have those illnesses. Although I know I’m a candidate for all of them. My mother having diabetes, having a stroke just a few years ago, high blood pressure, depression. My father has diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and alcoholism. My Maternal Grandparents and My Paternal Grandparents both lived with these illnesses and diseases. My Maternal Grandfather had lived with stomach cancer. His death was not cancer but a Heart Attack. I’ve lost Aunts and Uncle to overdoses.

I knew what the odds for me to become a Diabetic. While I was pregnant with our daughter, my sugar counts were out of this world in the 600’s So bad the Doctor didn’t think I would carry our baby full term. I had to change the way I ate. Watching what I ate, when I ate, testing my blood every two hours, to seeing the Doctor every week until I had delivered our healthy baby girl. I was told then, I would become a diabetic some day. I’m blessed to say our daughter is not a diabetic, she is aware that she too may become a diabetic in her life. She will test her sugar here and there to make sure the numbers are good. She tries to watch what she eats. Her soon to husband is a cooker, so he cooks a lot of home meals. So far my sugar has been great, no worries. High cholesterol is what I’m looking at. If I want to be a part of our daughter’s wedding and our someday grandbabies, I need to make some changes. Yes, Diet! It’s not longer Bluh Bluh Bluh Bluh, but I can, I can, I can, I can. The Little Train That Could.

Free with a coupon.
free wtih a coupon

I’m happy to say, I began cooking more at home, and less eating out. Working hard at eating healthier foods, cutting back on the salt, grease, and sugars. Its been hard, but it’s getting easier as time goes by. My husband is happier, and loving them meals. I get creative with meals, never know what I’m going to cook. I just get an idea and throw it together. I don’t follow many recipes. If I do, I will add something to it. I have people ask me, “How did you make that?” Me, “Hmm a little of this and a dash of that.” Are we eating one a hundred percent better? No, I’m still buying boxed foods which are high is in sodium. We are working hard at eating less sodium.

I’ve been making grocery lists for a two-week meal plan. My goal is to only go to the grocery every two weeks. I feel this will help with the fast food drive-thrus, and reducing the spending of cash on unhealthy foods. It’s been a bit of a challenge but it’s getting easier and easier. I have found my grocery lists are starting to get smaller, and seeing more healthier foods in the cart. It’s becoming a habit of writing the same items on each list. I know it will get boring eating the same thing over and over each week. But what is more important, health or the unhealthy? HEALTHY is more important to me.

Pork Roast $4.16 made 3 meals out of this.

Today is the Grocery shopping day. I have learned that at our local Krogers, items go on sale or clearance when the new ad is about the begin on Tuesday at midnight. I have been working hard at staying on the four sides of the building. Meaning staying away from the isles. It’s a proven fact that all the healthy foods you need to eat are outside the isles, the four walls. But I get sucked into those isles, because of the packaging, deals, and convenience of how fast it may be to cook something. Having a list and knowing where the items are cuts down on the pocketbook/wallet. The prices pretty much stay the same. Coupons help cut down on the cost also. Coupons can be misleading too. You have to know the tick of how they work. Not all coupons are worth using those I call are the “go get hers.” Things you don’t need. Our grocery bill has almost been cut into half. It may seem as though I’m spending more money, but I’m getting more meals out of what I’m buying.

I bought 4 steaks for $8.86 making 4 healthier meals.
99 Cent for 3 rather than 99 cent for one

Buying the larger portions of meat, I can make put into freezer bags and make into smaller meals. Smaller portions mean less waste and smaller portions to eat. The same with garlic bread, cut it in half place into freezer bags, is a way to eliminate the waste whole loaf of bread. Produce can pricey. But check those sales bins. I’ve found slightly bruised apples, onions, potatoes, and peppers for ninety-nine cents. Today for an example, Our Krogers had bell peppers ninety-nine cents each. I went to the sales bins, finding three red bell peppers with a little bruising, for ninety-nine cent for all three. Brown rice, I love the idea of the frozen bags of it. Pop it in the microwave a few minutes later you have cooked brown rice. Today, I picked up a bag of brown rice for cheaper than the convenience of the frozen. Its all about watching, reading, listening and learning, it takes time. My bill today was one hundred twenty dollars and some odd change. To me, that’s good, and I’m pleased with what I walked out of Krogers with.

Clearance $2.49

Clearance $1.17


Wife of 30 years to my high school sweetheart Jon. Mother of 2 adult children, grandmother of 2 granddaughters. Pet lover of 6 dogs, 2 fish and 1 cat. I love genealogy and learning more about my ancestries. I like paying it forward through genealogy also. In enjoy crafts, reading, shopping, antiques and much more.

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