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Photos Finding Families-Genealogy

Here I am by the Stitches of my Britches again, 11:59 pm EST, Tuesday.
This hobby has a story behind it and how it started. 
I know a few of you follow me on Photos Finding Families-Genealogy

The story begins here:

March 29, 2014, was the time in my life that I had to decided to walk away from a career I had loved, done great at and enjoyed it for 12-13 years. I was able to witness growth in our younger generation. To helped them with reading, science projects, english projects, gym, and math all their subjects. I loved math, it was my favorite when I was in school too. I took their notes jus like them and did work too.

A little back tracking:
My career took me to another school, and totally not what I thought I could do. This would be a challenge for me to adjust, meet new people, make new friends and be away from my “Family.” When I say, “Family” that’s what it means. My family was truly there. From my Father in law, sister in law, cousins, my own children, nieces and nephews and family friends. My Challenges put me to the test. I had cried for weeks, not wanting to go, and having melts downs. 

My first day at the new building, I was devastated. I was scared, I would never be able to help these new students. Students with severe handicap illnesses. Ranging from severe autism, severe seizures, missing limbs, only using very little sign language, to some who didn’t speak at all. I had never heard of autism, had no education in sign language. Don’t get me wrong, I had seen people with missing limbs, and seizures and using sign language, but I had never worked them. SHOCKED, I questioned God at this time in my life. Why me, why do you have me here, I can’t do this, and list went on. 

Week after week I went to work, not knowing what that day would be like. As those weeks ticked by to months, I had gained trust in myself and God. Why was I there? Because I had done so well in my “Family School.” I was pushed there, but never thought it would push me to this. I had gained trust in the students, made new friends, and had a new family. 

I had one student who only spoke with sign language, very little sign language at that. The student would always hold my arm, or get excited when they saw me. That was my reason I was put there, for this little boy. I knew I had to help this student, he would be going off to high school soon, and knowing very little sign language, would make it hard for high school life. I had to do something. But what?

That something:
I taught myself sign language just for this student. I would come home do my duties here at home and then off to Youtube video’s. For hours, days, weeks, months I would sit and watch and learn. By the end of the year he was able to sign short sentences, tie his shoes, count with a little voice, and we loved to laugh. WE were buddies. 

At the end of that year I had another Challenge. I was being sent back to my “Family School.” This meant leaving my boy, my shadow, like side kick. The student I had made my own. The testing with God again happened. Why are you doing this, why have I done to leave this new “Family School,” how will I have the strength to leave? All of these questions I asked God all summer. Yes, I’m sitting here crying, feeling all those feelings again.

That summer not only being sent back to my first “Family School” was a challenge, but, my father in law needed a Kidney. My sister in law, brother in law and husband went through the list of test to be the prefect match. One by one we learn that my sister in law was not a match, then my brother in law wasn’t a match. But my husband was. We as a family were so blessed and happy that my husband be able to donate one of his kidneys to his father. The Challenge, my husband would be out of work more 6-10 weeks to maybe a few months. He was our bread maker. How were we going to make it? Questioning God again. 

There was no time to second guess, we were moving forward. That was God’s plan if I was scared or not, this was happening. Surgery went great, my father in law is still here with us, and my husband is doing great. My husband was only out of work for 8 weeks. I would be starting my job at my “First Family School.” I knew why God sent me back to that school, so I could be close to my husband if he needed me. I was blessing to be just 10 minutes from my husband and in laws. 

New Challenge: I was glad to be back with all my family and friends, but I was very depressed leaving my side kick and the other students. I remember so clearly my sister in law standing with me in the hallways before our new school year meeting. I was crying, shaking, a hot mess. I remember her saying, we need you here. That doesn’t mean you can’t so visit the students at the other school.

She was correct I was needed back my “First Family School.” This year I would working with all my old students, which I had been with them since their 3rd grade year. They were now in 7 grade. I know you’re thinking where is the challenge and asking God Why? Well, I would not only be working with my kids as I called them, but I would be dealt a big challenge. I would be paired up with a blind student. Yes, Blind, WHAT! Okay God you really have put me in a place I KNOW I can’t do this. 

Just like my “2nd Family School” I did it. I had to teach myself and learn a new a whole new world. It was hard, learning the machine that printed her work out in braille, but I got the hang of it. Following along as this student read, helping this student in gym, home Ec and Shop. She amazed me!! She’s a very smart young lady now, she blew me out of the water along with the staff. My second year with this student, I became very sick. 

My job title changed. Yes, the questions rose again and new challenge. But this time, the change had me taking on tons of stress. Yes, Stress, like I didn’t have it before. Not this bad, I ended up in the hospital with Bells Palsy and some unknown health problems. The doctors hadn’t seen anything like it. This illness would end my career in the schools. It would end my working career, I would never be able to work again. This is when Photos Finding Families-Genealogy was created.

March 29, 2014 is when Photos Finding Families-Genealogy began.
This just part of my Genealogy hobby. 

Why is this my hobby?
I know how important it is to me to have family living and already passed. I know how important it is to me to have my family heirlooms. The items that helped mold me. Heirlooms show us where our ancestors were rooted, what they’ve done and how far they have traveled, how hard life was living in the depression times, and war times. And we think we have it hard. 

I do this hobby with every thing I have in me. I want to know my ancestors, I want to feel what they felt, I want to hold what they had once held. Genealogy has brought me to tears in public, to my knees at cemeteries, and laughter. 
So I know how important it would be for someone else to feel this feelings, and to witness themselves. 

I had pretty much tracked my parents family back to Germany. Who would have thought. I had hit a few brick walls, so it was time to do something else. I would help others find their heirlooms. I began buying old pictures at first. Then I began buying old school year books, newspaper clippings, wedding invitations, postcards, married licenses, military items, bibles, and the list goes on. 

This hobby has brought me to so joy, I’ve been able to meeting tons of people, hearing their stories of their families and hear the surprise in their voice. I had just really starting buying postcards and newspaper clippings. I didn’t know where this would take me, but I was able to meet a very nice man through 20 postcards I had bought that belonged to his family. They had no clue about them and they had just love a one to cancer. To top it off it was Christmas. 

The joy of genealogy is endless. I’d like share some history and story of this man that I had found his families postcards. 

The story begins here:

UPDATE: I will be mailing the postcards of Frances Hanauer, Laura Tharp, Steve Tharp, and Eby Tharp to the family on Dec. 27, 2018. 
December 13, 2018 UPATE: I was able to speak to a family member this evening. What a pleasure it was to hear the excitement in the family members voice. 
Frances Hanauer postcards and The Tharp postcards will be traveling to Colorado. 
When you are told you are Righteous for doing a kind thing like this, it makes this hobby worth so much more. 
I was told I should of been a detective or Private Eye. 
Thank again Erik Porter for the nice phone call. Can’t wait to hear the cards have made their way home. 
PS: I will send you a tracking number when I put them in the mail.
NEWEST UPDATE DEC. 12TH, The family member and I have been in touch with one another via Facebook messenger. I plan to call them tomorrow evening to talk about the postcards. I hope I can reunited them soon.
UPDATE: I’ve been in contact with a family member. This Marjorie Porter was his Grandmother. Frances is his father’s Aunt and Steve Tharp is a cousin. How Exciting!!! Maybe I’ll be able to get these to the family before Christmas. 
extra information I just found: Marjorie Hanauer was married to William Lee Porter (which he passed away before Marjorie). They had a daughter names Betsy Lee Porter who married a Robert Tharp. Which Robert Tharp is related to the EBY THARP. I have post cards also to him and his wife. This my thought: all the post cards I have must belong to one family!!!!!
I have been working Frances H Hanauer and with some help from another member of our group found Frances’ father’s obituary. 

From the great nephew: 
Eva…you are righteous. I will make sure all my family sees them and we have you to thank. What a gift you are and if anyone ever doubts this woman and her intentions/kindness..just read my post. Eva is the real deal!

This is just part of why I do what I do. All out of my own pocket I ask for nothing but an address and name.



Wife of 30 years to my high school sweetheart Jon. Mother of 2 adult children, grandmother of 2 granddaughters. Pet lover of 6 dogs, 2 fish and 1 cat. I love genealogy and learning more about my ancestries. I like paying it forward through genealogy also. In enjoy crafts, reading, shopping, antiques and much more.

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